While was thinking about what to write for this weeks post the thought came into my mind about Marvin Gaye’s song “What’s going on”. Since I’m a musician and artist, I’ve played this song countless times in various bands and always loved the lyrics because there was such a period of chaos and unrest in the Country at that time. I felt it spoke the truth. But now discovering the ‘truth’ about me more and more, I associate the tittle with my adventurous experiences that I ‘m encountering and observing how I think and react. Sometimes as I’m walking and exercising outside, looking at the beautiful foliage of the colors of the leaves on trees during this part of the season, and noticing how lavishly abundant nature is, I ask myself is, ” is this what’s going on with me the more I visualize what I want and see”? I say to myself, “yes”. I see the beauty of the branches of the trees with no leaves on them, the quietness in brisk the air, the beauty of the snow and I’m more grateful now than ever to appreciate all of these miraculous events. Everything being compliant to the laws of nature, and reaping the rewards. I keep my positive talisman with me all the time and greet each morning enthusiastically with what I can get done today despite all things that happen during the day that I have no control over (thank you 7 DAY MENTAL DIET). I’m living by my compass and not looking at or living by the clock.

I realize that every revision in my DMP, revisions in my recordings, practices, my thinking, feelings are all signs of experiencing the Law of Growth and understanding what that means🎇. I find myself being inexplicably seized with excitement, and determination. I got to that point of experiencing no negative thought whatsoever. I believe that I’m much further ahead of what I want to be more than I think. But not falling into that trap of thinking I’m some sort of hot shot with an incomplete portfolio of knowledge and wisdom. I’m experiencing more accurate thinking and paying more attention to detail (yeah I’m a blue) that will be of such value to my future self. I’m more confident, have a good personality with people. My imagination, creativity, faith and belief in myself, are all virtues I treasure more than money. So, what’s going on? Everything good for me and the people that are affected from my presence. I persist. I WIN!

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  1. Allen your blog was full of humbleness. I liked your statement: “I’m experiencing more accurate thinking and paying more attention to detail”. Also how you realized that by doing this your future self would benefit from that behavior. The next statement that I definitely agreed with is the statement you made about these 4 things: “My imagination, creativity, faith and belief in myself, are all virtues I treasure more than money”. I liked your ending line that said, “I persist. I WIN! This is so true if you continue to persist and persevere you will be the winner. What are two favorite things you learned this week? Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Your blog rover friend, Eulaine


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