As I continue onward in my journey of self discovery and enlightenment, I’m becoming an astute observer of myself in my everyday thoughts and actions. I’m acquiring a better understanding of dealing with obstacles and challenges and how they present themselves as perfect opportunities for growth and celebrating each incremental victory with each challenge and obstacle being overcome with The Law of growth kicking into action. Some things that I have a very good handle on such as, my daily sit, reading OG Mandino, my blueprint builder, daily walks and exercises, Hannel (Masterkey lessons) have become automatic actions that I do without thinking about. Others like, writing my blogs, staying engaged in our MKE community have become intermittent actions. I still see myself at times being that reluctant hero, but I realize that this a natural phase of my development that I will always have to deal with. But I know that it’s just a telltale sign that growth is needed to push ahead. Never do anything unless you know why you’re doing it. Sagacity is essential when it comes to being a self-directed thinker. I realize how important it is to be engaged in every aspect of my transformation from just an improved me to becoming my true authentic self. I’m only interested in being a creator, not one who is constantly evolving. I accept my situation and take full responsibility for my actions. Anxiety is being replaced by poise and calmness. I’ve lost the need to prove my point. I live in the present and accept things as they are and stop fighting against the natural Laws of the Universe. The thing that I love the most is: I’m surrendering all my past thoughts and actions and experiencing the joys of creating a new life with excitement and vigor. Just when I think I’m doing okay, I hit another speed bump that needs to be replaced with a smooth surface. I’m the teacher and student at all times. I’m continually visualizing and rearranging my new environment. Molding it into the perfect image of what I want, discarding what I don’t need and what I truly need that IS essential to having a life that most people only dream off. The importance of these actions is to come up with a clear and concise picture of the person I intend to become. I know that I have every tool and method to achieve what others think are impossible. Staying in the flow gives me the ability to develop insight, use inductive thinking, and dealing with solutions to obstacles and advancements that will clear the way to the success I demand to manifest itself in the world without in many ways. Harmony abounds now at home. I apply the act of giving and sharing everyday which I totally enjoy doing. One of the things that I’m proud of is keeping my streak of my weekly services intact from the time I started doing them. These seemingly small acts when done consistently have forever instilled in me the virtue of persistence. I’m astounded at the new thoughts and ideas that are suddenly cropping up in my mind. As I was reading James Allen this week in my Masterkey lessons, I was pleasantly surprised at how I understood what he talked about. Thoughts, Character, Effect of Thoughts on Circumstances, and Serenity. I realized that I acquired all these things already through my MKE experience this time around. What my biggest challenge is, is to totally develop a strong consciousness and give this consciousness vitality every day with the fact that I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE. For 6 months and counting I’ve been developing more positive habits than I realized. Doing the work is all I have to do. Everyday as I think about this fact intellectually and spiritually, I become more amazed at the true power I possess. A true understanding of how the world within operates, unleashes a strong consciousness of the power I and like-minded individuals like me possess. Hey, we are all truly connected to a power that we possess whether we are conscious of it or not. One of my objectives is to find out how I can affect others inexplicably in a positive and uplifting way. My reward for having the ability to give my talents and skills away is experiencing the happy feeling of sheer bliss and fulfillment knowing that I can be of service to others. I know that can enjoy total freedom and peace of mind by being compliant to the Natural Law of the Universe and giving my best effort to bring the results that I demand to be accomplished. I have no other resolve but to stay in the flow of life and the universe in order to achieve the results that I demand for the fulfillment of my Definite Major Purpose in life.

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