As I keep focusing on the moment and taking each day at a time, I’m getting better at being in the habit at the end of each day doing a recap of what I did, what I didn’t do and what I can do better. I never thought I would be so excited to know that I accomplished something of value that not only builds more character in myself , but also keeps me on track with creating that new reality that for some folks seems impossible to do. It’s the little things we do that have a compounding effect on what we do. We chop that mountain down piece by piece, bit by bit. I find myself constantly being an observer of myself, and focusing on all the harmony that exists all around me. One of the main things I do is constantly look for anything to be grateful for whether it be good or bad. I know that life has it’s surprises each and everyday. I always observe how I handle the unpleasant surprises that are actually nothing more than the rhythm of life itself. Am I in complete control of my thoughts and emotions? Am I being kind to myself and to others? How am I coming along learning how to deal with and understand all the different color codes of behavior that people possess? Do I truly believe that I possess certain greatness and genius, gifts unique to my qualities, and character? Am I like the little girl who plants a tulip seed and the next day and thereafter constantly waters the plant expecting to miraculously see a full grown tulip in the span to a few days?

The thing I’m observing is this feeling of self confidence in everything that I do. That constant focus on who I am and that map that I have carefully constructed has me extracting from any circumstance the valuable parts and discarding the parts that have no value. A more simpler way of saying it is that I’m seeing things differently than I did before. Here’s one example: A few weeks ago, as I came in the kitchen with my gig bag and guitar, I heard a loud crash. I wasn’t sure what I had knocked over. The bad part about what just happened was that my fiancé heard the crash too. She was in the bedroom, so she frantically yelled out, “what was that?” It was then to my dismay I realized that I had knocked over a beautiful ceramic utensil holder we had for years, and all I saw were pieces all over the floor. Well after I told her what happened, I was quickly and emphatically reprimanded with some colorful metaphors that had my ears sizzling. No apologies were accepted, I only made matters worse by constantly apologizing. I vowed to get another one even though the one I broke I knew was treated like it was a valuable family heirloom. I was hoping to smooth things over. I was happy to see that I was not trying to defend what I had done, and that I took full responsivity for what just happened without getting into a heated argument that I was not going to win anyway. It was then the thought came into mind….. I had been lobbying for over a year that we had too many utensils in the drawer and we needed a bigger utensil holder. Was it because of my constant complaints that this eventually happened? I sure didn’t want this to happen. Was this some sort of evidence that the Law of Attraction really works? I mean I was just constantly annoyed every time I had to go in that drawer. I thought about it all the time. Well, I surprised her and bought another one and put the utensils in it. She love’s it. She’s happy and I got my wish granted.

To some, this might seem like I’m making a big deal out nothing. Hey, little things like this always happen. But to me it was just another example of how we have a tendency to hold on to things that at one time had value but as time marches on and as everything is always in motion, we have to move on and let go if we want something different in our lives. Saying goodbye may not be the easiest thing to do. Change is never easy. There’s a bunch of grist that goes with it, but there’s always small victories that excite us, that make us feel good all over because we just defeated a dragon. We see the rewards manifested in the new habits we acquire. We are amazed and grateful for things we’re doing now that before we thought to be impossible. The funny thing is it’s those everyday little things we get 100% better at performing that make such a huge difference in how we go about getting the things we want in life. We learn to triumph over adversity. We get addicted to being able to do that. We’re not afraid to dream big because we have a definite major purpose with a plan and with the help of others because we enjoy being of service to them. This is why I think it’s a good thing when you can keep the pedal to metal and enjoy every minute of it. There’s too much to discover that makes life so interesting.


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