Week 17 has been a transitory week of thoughts and feelings. Giving myself permission to have access to power and happiness, letting the old me die and be reborn into the future me, and this question which is like coming up with the correct answer to the riddle that the Sphinx (Geek Mythology) asked its unfortunate contestants, “what am I pretending not to know?” I liken my experience up to now as the first 3 1/2 weeks as the regular season of any particular sport where teams position themselves to make the playoffs (all of the exercises and requirements). Now at this juncture of the course, it’s the playoffs. I couldn’t have gotten this far without being faithful to the exercises which I now look at as new habits, plus the tools that I learned to implement everyday to effect change. Each week that I complete is like a step further to the championship game. The closer I get, the more I feel is at stake. The crowd (the divine consciousness that is waiting to possess me) is frantically cheering me on to win this one game and continue my ascent to the championship round. Of course there’s some folks that are in the stands (my old self) who are not rooting for me, but their shouts are being drowned out by the folks that are rooting for me.

Great situation to be in. What’s at stake? I get to be the hero (the future me), take the trophy home and put it on my shelf and forever admire an accomplishment that nobody can take from me. The flip side to this scenario is the closer I get and because of the enormity of the moment I start getting out of myself and start to do things I normally wouldn’t do (wondering how and when this transition is going to take place). I forgot how to enjoy what I’m doing, to be thankful to have this opportunity, let the game come to me, relax, everything will work its way out because I know I’m the better opponent. “Why should the miracle which produced me end with my birth? Why can I not extend that miracle to my deeds of today?” I found out that in anything you embark on you can never force the issue. I cannot be like the child who plants a seed and every 15 minutes disturbs the soil to see if the plant has taken root and starts to grow. I’m a musician and network marketer, and I have noticed how I have embarked on learning something new, and how it never came to fruition by forcing the issue. If I let the thought flow through my mind, insight takes over and I accomplish what it was I was trying to accomplish.

I realize there’s nothing that I have to change, but just continue to get better at what I do and always have humility in my heart and celebrate every new discovery. The flash index cards, noticing different virtues, observing and documenting acts of kindness that I perform or witness, and enjoying doing it is of GREAT VALUE. I laugh at how I must look to some people sometimes. You remember the movie The Ten Commandments right? Picture me being Moses (Charlton Heston) coming down from the mountaintop after he encountered God and the expression he had on his face. I feel myself walking around with that look (ha,,ha,,ha).

There is plenty of uncertainty abound as I move forward, but I’m the star of this movie, and you know the star of the movie always comes out on top. I’m finding more people to Mastermind with. I never realized how much I missed doing this, because I used to do it all time a long time ago. I just didn’t realize that I was creating a Mastermind Alliance at the time. Transition. Practice, Practice, Practice.




Week 17 has been a week of observation. I’ve been on a vigilant crusade to reach my higher self. All of the assignments that I do are no longer assignments but are crucial behavioral habits that I observe as integral steps that are forever embedded into my consciousness. I look at them as being vital assets along with the critical training that must be accomplished so I can attach every thought, behaviour, experience to the future me. Attaching them as an autonomous entity that I control is what I am so grateful to come to realize. I’m observing the effect the Franklin Makeover has on me. I never gave myself enough credit for having Kindness, Courage, and Persistence plus more to discover that I already have. By really getting serious and intensifying my awareness of these 3 virtues alone, they are opening up new doors of thought, feeling, self-confidence, and belief. Each day is a day where I eagerly embark on noticing just these 3 virtues and I notice that they’re everywhere. Neighbors who keep not only their yards and sidewalks clean, but take it upon themselves to keep their fellow neighbors yards and sidewalks clean. The daily routine of exercise that people and I still perform outside even though it’s winter. The courage and self-confidence I observe when I see a squirrel leap from branch to branch, or walk fearlessly on a telephone wire with such ease. An indefatigable abundance of just these things to be observed everyday creates a compounding effect on the mind daily.

I noticed that by reading and listening to the audio counterpart of the Masterkey Lessons, it has had a huge effect on any learning curve that I might run into while I am reading and absorbing all of the information presented to me. Practice.. Practice… Practice. In lesson 17, paragraph 12 states: “The mind may place the ideal a little too high and fall short of the mark; it may attempt to soar on untrained wings and instead of flying, fall to earth; but that is no reason for not making another attempt”. Also it says in paragraph 34; If you wish to eliminate fear, concentrate on courage, 35; If you wish to eliminate lack, concentrate on abundance, 36; If you wish to eliminate disease, concentrate on health. I now see how important it is to continually get better doing the 15 minute sit because now I can almost totally concentrate without any interruption on any thought I wish to concentrate on and totally be immersed in that thought. It feels like I’m somewhere else and being totally oblivious to my current surroundings! I feel so grateful to grant myself permission to enter a realm of higher consciousness. I have not been able to do that for a long……time. If I was able to do so, it was only for very short periods of time. As long as I was physically somewhere that would induce those special feelings and thoughts, I was OK. Take me away from that special environment and I was back to normal. Talk about a fish out of  water (whew). I also observed that imagination, intuition, and understanding are making their way into my consciousness and are taking hold. Now that’s not to say that it doesn’t come without effort because it forces one to tenaciously fight the old thoughts and habits that are still prevalent in the deepest recesses of our minds. But the good news is I’m a witness to it getting easier to do with constant repetition.

I’m starting to feel like I have an unfair advantage over regular folks. I can see the fallacy in saying “I’m finishing this course”, just so I have a feeling of accomplishment because I kept my promise to finish. The real goal that I should be looking at is me becoming that Great person that I see myself as and through giving more, get more. Understanding what it takes to become that individual, filled with happiness and power, and possessing something that I know my family and the world needs is what I call keeping the main thing, the main thing. By the way, there are a lot of good folks out there living in quiet desperation seeking folks like me who are committed to being of service to them as well as being a beacon of light to them. Keeping it real like this will enable me to have the Midas touch in everything that I set my mind to do.





Well week 16 has been a week of observing acts of kindness and performing acts of kindness. Through most of my life, I ‘ve always been observing acts of kindness and performing them as well, but I’ve never observed how this could have a compounding and creative effect when it comes to creating a different environment and atmosphere for me. It actually creates a shield of Positivity that protects me from the forces of negativity that constantly exist in the Spiritual as well as the Physical realm. It is putting me in a better position to become the receiver of the gifts, hopes and desires that I yearn for in life because I am giving and sharing. I am in the Dynamic flow of giving and receiving. Give more, get more. It is the catalyst that I believe strengthens all the other virtues that must be perfected in order to have A Definite Major Purpose Manifest itself into The World Without.

Success does come with a price tag though. I believe that it is better to pay that price now than pay the price of failure later. As I aspire to reach my higher self and develop more awareness about myself and my current environment, creating a different atmosphere first by thought, then by the words to express those thoughts, are things that are challenged everyday sometimes by the people closet to you. I know that by visualizing and imagining a harmonious atmosphere in my mind and creating a clear mental picture of what I desire, will present the right people and situations that will come seeking me (it has already started). The fact that through performing acts of kindness and creating a consciousness of harmony and happiness supersedes any thought of lack or limitation, distress or anxiety is a HUGE fact to be realized. Being of service to someone or something much bigger than yourself is a key to success in anything you desire. When I thought about taking this course way back in the beginning, the biggest apprehension I had about it was, how would it affect others by having the courage to change things in my life and stand tall in the process. By facing these challenges it has shown me that my faith, belief, and perseverance, and the discovery that there are other people that have the same or more challenges than myself seeking the same things is quite a humbling but fantastic experience. The simple fact of giving more to get more, acts of Kindness, The 7 Laws of the mind, Og Mandino, flash cards, 15 minute sit, Masterkey Lessons, is opening up a bridge that’s creating a powerful connection to a divine source that no one or thing can take away from me which is priceless. Becoming a Self-Reliant and successful person forever is worth the struggle. Every new discovery each day creates a feeling of joy, excitement, and accomplishment. New neural pathways are forming in our brains and creating cells to receive all these new beliefs and habits that we form. How many people are lucky enough to experience that?

Now it might seem like I’m moving from one thing to another but there is a correlation between everything here that I’m saying. CREATING A DIFFERENT ATMOSPHERE in relation to what you think about  most of the time is vital. There were 3 movies I saw that exemplified these things. They were Rudy, Cool Runnings, and Joy. Rudy was about a person who held a dream since he was a child of Playing football at Notre Dame. Although he was undersized and had dyslexia, he never gave up on his dream. He had a Definite Major Purpose (DMP), Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), Plan Of Action (POA), and a Mastermind Alliance (MMA). Cool Runnings was about a 4 Jamaicans who dreamed of being bobsledders in the Olympics who employed these 4 things. Joy was about a woman who made QVC, and HSN what it is today Her dream started out as a child too. She too employed these 4 things. All these people I mentioned started out by creating an atmosphere in their minds first and never wavering from what they wanted. They all performed acts of kindness too. If you don’t believe me then watch these movies for yourself and closely observe what I’m saying. Give more, get more is seen throughout all of these movies.







Week 15 was a week laden with all kinds of circumstances and situations from highs to lows. I’ll start off with the Low points first and then modulate to the High points. As I move forward in this course, I’m noticing how much negativity is so prevalent in folks lives, without them totally being aware of the fact that they are consumed in a negativity bias atmosphere unconsciously. One thing that this course will do in subtile ways is automatically make you pay attention to the smallest detail in anything you observe or do. My dream board along with the shapes and colors that are posted on the wall have come under attack again with family members wondering, ” okay, when is he going to jump off the cliff? I can’t see anything that you’re doing that has any relevance to these pictures that I see on the wall, and by they way, whats up with the shapes and these colors? They all seem so childlike, you’ve been at it now for a while!” As I’m writing this, I have a smile on my face because I realize that they can see the persistence that I possess and they can sense that I’m not giving up or giving in to what anybody says or thinks. Since I perform it everyday, I have become a slave to good habits.

Last week, I was down and out with the flu. A 102 degree temperature was what I had. I don’t know how I did it, but I still managed to write a blog, read the Greatest Salesman ( although I couldn’t read it for a couple of days due to my illness), and struggled to,perform my service for that week. When I finished my service for that week, I got a feeling of accomplishment that was so strong that I was amazed! I really paid attention to the way I felt and I was still sick! As I felt better, this feeling came over me to concentrate more, pay more attention to detail because I believe that recognition and discovery start to come at a much more rapid pace once you have integrated Attention and Concentration. Certain aspects of my DMP are starting to manifest themselves but others need more of my concentration and more attention to detail because what I constantly think about is mine already, I have already claimed them. It is that simple saying in the bible that says,”Whatsoever things ye desire when ye pray believe that ye received them and ye shall have them”. Knowledge does not apply itself: we as individuals must make the application , and the application consists in fertilizing the thought with a living purpose . To believe that gives me a sense of power and confidence. Just think, nobody can stop you but you. When you actually believe and know this for a fact it is Huge. Since I’m feeling better, my vitality has doubled, burning desire, tripled. My Attention and Concentration levels have moved up a notch. Was my illness actually a blessing in disguise? I’m still trying to figure that one out. All I can say is I’m definitely feeling like a new man with a new life. Insight is eking its way out like the first rays of the Sun in the morning.

By the way there is something else that’s going on I’m paying close attention to.                                                                                                              I’m studying music with a friend of mine who is a fantastic musician and person. We mastermind about the mind and the spiritual nature that man must possess in order for him to live a life to prosperity and abundance. I was astonished to find out that he had read Think and Grow Rich over 20 years ago! It was like talking to a certified guide! Everything that I have studied so far in this course he unknowing  pointed out: his thought process, his  behavioural process, mental attitude and the most important thing: applying the knowledge he possessed into his daily life, along with other factual information that he enlightened me to. He pointed out to me how important it was to put an emphasis on Attention and Concentration. I never knew how powerful the musical ability I possess was until he stated that through the proper learning procedures the brain can actually form new cells when Attention and Concentration are done correctly and are accompanied with a positive feeling along with belief and faith. This is one of the things that makes our minds more receptive to new thoughts and ideas. I was so grateful to listen to him talk about persistence, faith, belief, positive mental attitude, and how he eliminated fear! These were just some of the things he had to overcome in order to be experience success in his life. He is my friend and living proof that anybody can succeed in life with the knowledge of the right methods that free you from any limitations, fear, and bad habits.

Since I now put a greater emphasis on Attention and Concentration, I expect more doors to open.