As I keep focusing on the moment and taking each day at a time, I’m getting better at being in the habit at the end of each day doing a recap of what I did, what I didn’t do and what I can do better. I never thought I would be so excited to know that I accomplished something of value that not only builds more character in myself , but also keeps me on track with creating that new reality that for some folks seems impossible to do. It’s the little things we do that have a compounding effect on what we do. We chop that mountain down piece by piece, bit by bit. I find myself constantly being an observer of myself, and focusing on all the harmony that exists all around me. One of the main things I do is constantly look for anything to be grateful for whether it be good or bad. I know that life has it’s surprises each and everyday. I always observe how I handle the unpleasant surprises that are actually nothing more than the rhythm of life itself. Am I in complete control of my thoughts and emotions? Am I being kind to myself and to others? How am I coming along learning how to deal with and understand all the different color codes of behavior that people possess? Do I truly believe that I possess certain greatness and genius, gifts unique to my qualities, and character? Am I like the little girl who plants a tulip seed and the next day and thereafter constantly waters the plant expecting to miraculously see a full grown tulip in the span to a few days?

The thing I’m observing is this feeling of self confidence in everything that I do. That constant focus on who I am and that map that I have carefully constructed has me extracting from any circumstance the valuable parts and discarding the parts that have no value. A more simpler way of saying it is that I’m seeing things differently than I did before. Here’s one example: A few weeks ago, as I came in the kitchen with my gig bag and guitar, I heard a loud crash. I wasn’t sure what I had knocked over. The bad part about what just happened was that my fiancé heard the crash too. She was in the bedroom, so she frantically yelled out, “what was that?” It was then to my dismay I realized that I had knocked over a beautiful ceramic utensil holder we had for years, and all I saw were pieces all over the floor. Well after I told her what happened, I was quickly and emphatically reprimanded with some colorful metaphors that had my ears sizzling. No apologies were accepted, I only made matters worse by constantly apologizing. I vowed to get another one even though the one I broke I knew was treated like it was a valuable family heirloom. I was hoping to smooth things over. I was happy to see that I was not trying to defend what I had done, and that I took full responsivity for what just happened without getting into a heated argument that I was not going to win anyway. It was then the thought came into mind….. I had been lobbying for over a year that we had too many utensils in the drawer and we needed a bigger utensil holder. Was it because of my constant complaints that this eventually happened? I sure didn’t want this to happen. Was this some sort of evidence that the Law of Attraction really works? I mean I was just constantly annoyed every time I had to go in that drawer. I thought about it all the time. Well, I surprised her and bought another one and put the utensils in it. She love’s it. She’s happy and I got my wish granted.

To some, this might seem like I’m making a big deal out nothing. Hey, little things like this always happen. But to me it was just another example of how we have a tendency to hold on to things that at one time had value but as time marches on and as everything is always in motion, we have to move on and let go if we want something different in our lives. Saying goodbye may not be the easiest thing to do. Change is never easy. There’s a bunch of grist that goes with it, but there’s always small victories that excite us, that make us feel good all over because we just defeated a dragon. We see the rewards manifested in the new habits we acquire. We are amazed and grateful for things we’re doing now that before we thought to be impossible. The funny thing is it’s those everyday little things we get 100% better at performing that make such a huge difference in how we go about getting the things we want in life. We learn to triumph over adversity. We get addicted to being able to do that. We’re not afraid to dream big because we have a definite major purpose with a plan and with the help of others because we enjoy being of service to them. This is why I think it’s a good thing when you can keep the pedal to metal and enjoy every minute of it. There’s too much to discover that makes life so interesting.


Everyday as most people go about their daily routines of living out their lives in quiet desperation just living out the time clocks of their lives, I’m quite sure there must be that one fleeting moment of thought that may allow themselves to entertain imagining themselves in an environment where their dreams have actually come true. But then yank themselves back into the everyday reality that their mind has shaped for them, believing that their past experiences define who they are. Since they have acknowledged to themselves that they are adults an adopted the worlds version of what they should be doing and who should they be, they’ve actually become a tiny microbe living in the world without. They react to stimuli instead of creating their their own stimuli. Any notion of seeing themselves experiencing a totally different life filled with knowing their true purpose in life and only living their life on a purpose that truly defines their existence seems like a childlike thought that is believed to illogical, and focus on that thought which becomes crystalized in their conscious and unconscious mind as a true fact. Fear affecting them in ways they have no way of comprehending. So deep seeded is this fear, and sense of unworthiness, it’s just accepted as being normal like everyone else. Feeling secure in the fact they’ll be accepted in society and always being relevant in today’s world. There’s some that have the desire but not the will to trust their heart.

So let’s move away from that grim reality and look at another one filled with limitless factual possibilities. Possibilities that are backed by normal science as well as spiritual science. Science says that a brain that has logic and creativity working in unison and working in complete harmony with one another, comprises the activities and functions of a healthy brain. When we allow ourselves to embrace creative thought which exists in the right side of our brain, we’re able to tap into infinite intelligence, where imagination, courage, kindness, imitative, intuition, being morally competent, creative vision, self disciple, enthusiasm exists. We need these things or what I call virtues in order for us to begin to start looking at things from a different perspective. The left side of our brain houses all of the facts, logic, science, mathematics, accurate thinking, careful planning, A Definite Major Purpose, goals, Objectives, plans of action. This is what I deem as a perfect marriage of the finite and the infinite, the personal and impersonal. When people can stop looking at the world’s definition of what a Genius is and believe that there are no common people but that there is that quality of Genius within us all, we will have gotten to that point of populating the world with more self-directed thinkers who will believe that true success in all things comes from being of service to others. In other worlds there’s always room in this world to have an abundance of wealthy individuals who are self-directed thinkers.

We never get something for nothing. The price we pay is doing the work of getting rid of the way we see and think of ourselves and start doing and seeing things in a different way. By using the power of Dynamic Thought we can harness and use the unlimited power of the ether that is in the Universe. And get this: It’s all scientific fact and i’ts already in you. Being an Enthusiastic Adventurer of the unknown will bring to your future self who is the real you. If you believe you can, you can.


As the 2nd week has come and gone I’ve found myself being happily engaged in my commencement and tenaciously clinging to my new thoughts of becoming that new man with a new life. “Do it now, and I can be what I will to be” are the daily Mantras I live by. Gotta be in it to win it. So unlike at the end of my 2 previous courses, I’m making sure that there’s a seamless transitory progression to the exciting part 2 of this course which will involve studying the Kabalion and the Greatest Salesman part 2 along with some cool additional surprises that I’m eager to experience. No stop and go here. Did that dance before. I’m continually expanding my comfort zone by being the observer of myself and my current environment and visualizing the future environment I envision myself living in. More creative thought peppered with that critical plan of action along with the question: “what can I do better?”. I ‘m still doing what I did when I was in the class so far as exercises are concerned. I’m reading T J Wattles, Napoleon Hill, and standing Tall, There’s a few more that I can’t name but all are of significant value. If I took this course another 5 times I’d chalk it up to it being a never ending part of my commencement, just as the rest of my life surely is. As long as I continue being that Enthusiastic Adventurer and think and see myself in a different way, I win.


Well since the course has ended for this year, I find myself still moving onward by doing my sits, my 3 gratitude cards statement, reading OG, blueprint builder, and the 1st of 4 of the last chapters in the Masterkey Experience. Because I am a lifetime member, I’ve already printed out these lessons from past classes, so I kind of eased up a just a tiny bit this past week with being engaged in this continual process of ascending to my higher self. Too difficult for me to actually take a breather as all of these new habits have taken hold and are uncovering that golden glow that’s inside of me screaming to be free. It feels like I’d be preforming a sacrilegious act of non-compliance that makes me feel guilty by not staying in the rhythm of life. I so grateful to see myself gravitating to good habits and being an acute observer of my self continually. There’s a break in the action for about a month and then it’s on to the continuation class that will start up in May. Last year I was faced with a lot of personal challenges that prevented me at times from being fully engaged. But the one thing I am grateful about is my persistence in doing the best that I could to stay engaged in what I call the second part of this course.

The Continuation part of this course is what inspired me to take this course again this past year. It was at that point where I knew that there was plenty more to learn and understand. Yeah I could have listened to my Ego and felt good about actually being engaged for a full year, but I listened to my heart and found humility from within and did everything again with the Enthusiasm of a new member and not taking anything for granted. So the beat goes on for me as I happily embrace and wait for round 2 of this course which I know will be a mind blowing experience.