This blog is about a fantastic movie I watched called Mully. We were given an assignment in which we were asked to watch a number of movies and observe certain elements of the movie and write a blog about it. The objective which I thought was to link certain instances where we would recognize certain Universal Laws put into action as well as a certain mindset, a certain way of thinking coupled with faith and belief and a Plan of Action. I really couldn’t tell you why I picked Mully because it was almost like I did the Eney, meany, miny, moe thing I used to do as a kid. In other words, I just randomly picked Mully without any rhyme or reason, or was it by Devine choice? Well one things for sure: it seemed like I needed a box of Kleenex tissues from the moment I watched it till end! For me it was one of the most impactful movies I’ve ever watched! The movie started out depicting Mully as a young boy growing up in a small village in Kenya, Africa. Born into poverty and experiencing domestic violence, as his father constantly beat his mother out of frustration because he couldn’t find work and was always drunk (how many of us have started life out in which we see it as being unfair, and ask ourselves, “why me”). As if that wasn’t enough, his family abandoned him and he became an orphan. Forced to fend for himself, he experienced all kinds of challenges in his early youth until made a decision to become a New Man with a New Life. This thought created a cause that started a cascading series of effects, and causes catapulting himself into a life he never dreamt of. All of it became a fantastic reality for him by having a Definite Major purpose followed by a Positive and Spiritual attitude followed by a Plan of Action while Masterminding with others. Success begat Success as door after door opened up for him. After watching the movie at this point, I wondered to myself, “okay, I get it, I can see how he created a life out of being persistent and never putting any limitations on himself . It was then I noticed I was only at the halfway point of the movie! As I continued watching the movie, I realized the second part of the movie was the most compelling part. In one part of his journey, he had his car stolen and had to take public transportation to get back home (sometimes what we might view this experience as a disaster at that particular moment, but it can actually be a blessing in disguise). Shortly after that experience, he got an epiphany to change everything in his life, and give up all his wealth and businesses to embark on his true calling, which was to help others. It brought to mind my DMP. Were my PPN’s authentic or after accomplishing everything in my DMP, do I then and only then, discover my true purpose in life? Maybe, or maybe not. I definitely got a clear description of what chapter 13 in my Master Keys Lesson book says about this self perpetuating sequence of causes creating effects, effects creating more causes and effects etc. After he explained what he intended to do at the dinner table much to the chagrin of his family (whew). Mully started gathering all the orphans in villages (it reminded him of what he went through in his young life) and started housing these orphans in his on spatial home. Now I felt that was nothing but love, and because of his true intentions and him refocusing his thoughts of thinking primarily of only working for money, but instead now helping others as his main purpose, he got a true sense of fulfillment and purpose. Because of his faith, courage, vision, and belief, amazing things started to happen. And things or what we call “miracles” gradually manifested themselves into realty after the fact that everyone else including his family, thought he lost his mind (wow, how many of us have that kind of courage, faith, belief, vision?). By doing something bigger than him, he became a beacon of hope. In a nutshell, he affected so many lives in a way that created so much success and prosperity to others never imagined. He picked a lifeless barren piece of land and through his vision transformed it into a land of plenty for not only his people, but everyone else. Now how cool, amazing, or whatever you want to call it is that? That’s when I realized how I can become a “Mully” in my own way. There’s so much more I would like to say because there was so much I got out of watching this movie. This movie has left an indelible mark on my heart that filled it with so much love, gratitude, faith, courage, and belief❤

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Week 13 has been a week of getting into me with a zeal that I have never experienced before. Yeah it’s Christmas time filled with the holiday cheer, buying presents, connecting with folks, and that good ole Christmas spirit. It’s also been a time for me to really keep subby guarded from any letdown from still be intensely committed to staying on the path of my fantastic journey. My sits are more focused. No wondering off on some idea that is not relevant to the thoughts I should be entertaining. Using any time during the day wisely when I see and opportunity to exercise any task to it’s optimum effect for my own unique purposes. I use NARC as my last line of defense when it comes to being faithful to keeping all my promises. Scroll 2 says ,” With love I increase my sales a hundredfold and become a great salesman. If I have no other qualities, I can succeed with love alone. without it I fail thought I possess all the knowledge and skills of the world”. The more I allow myself to just bathe in this thought, the happier I am. Being of service and giving to others without expecting any type of Reciprocity makes me feel like a unique individual. Like it says in that Beatles tune, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. I strongly believe that I’m creating that fantastic future me.

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Week 12 for me has been such a week of celebration for me. Knowing and believing that I am a part of a select few that belong to an amazing community and organization that reigns supreme and is the frontrunner in the world of self development all over the world makes me feel so…..special. I’m proud to say that I completed the 7 day mental diet!, Yep that’s right….. I honestly completed the 7 day mental diet! ( 6 days the first time I completed the course was the farthest I ever got) And I’m here to say that life will never be as it was again. For me it was so significant that it was like watching a normally televised show and having a special news conference preempting it. I see myself at the podium announcing to the public (myself) this huge accomplishment and how it will affect the world (me again) in the future (the future me). There’s so much fanfare going on….. there’s even a band playing a song (haven’t decided what the song is going to be yet). The funny thing about it all is that I couldn’t let anyone else know what I was doing! So I know that when I tell others of this accomplishment’ they’ll either look at me in astonishment or skepticism. Most folks will think of this feat as being one that is clearly impossible to do. After I strung together 2 days ( after a month of stop and go), I realized the only way I was going to get through this was by enlisting the help of my reliable friends whom I met before I embarked on this monumental task. One of them 😄helped me out by reminding me of the incident that occurred in the 7 day mental diet. You know…. the one where you’re sitting by a campfire and a cinder from from the fire jumps out and lands on your shirt or blouse and you immediately knock. it off before it burns through your clothes and burns you. 2. My friend 😎telling me about the bear hugging the kettle too tightly thus destroying himself eventually. The 3rd friend I 😆added after the first 2 was purposely added in this order. The reason why I chose him in this order was because after the 4th day, I realized that maybe I have a real chance at completing this task! I ALMOST FALTERED on the 4th day. Since I live in New York we had a snow storm earlier in the week. So being prudent, we went to the supermarket to stock up on some items things to hold us over during the storm. Because of Covid-19, there were long lines to the cash register. A negative thought tried to come and crash the party, but I survived by dousing out the potential disaster by remembering the advice my 2 friends gave me before (whew). I even managed to crack a joke to someone on line and I had them laughing🤣. So my 3rd friend 😐reminded me about about the Statue of Liberty story….. you know the one where you keep telling yourself not to think about it, but you’re actually thinking about it. Well once I understood what it meant, I stopped thinking about completing the task of conquering the 7 day mental diet and continued to let this habit become a part of me and the rest was history 😁. Now so as not to offend any of my other associates 😧 and leave them out, (gotta give credit where credit is due), The Law of Dual Thought and The Law of Substitution, played a huge part. Having the ability to attach any feeling I desire (law of dual thought) and substituting any thought with either an affirmation or something or somewhere that made me smile or laugh was a blessing in disguise. I feel like a gunslinger with a wide array of special bullets ready to shoot down any negative thought. I go out of my way to help anyone whether it’s a kind word, a joke creating laughter, being in the grocery store helping elderly people put their groceries in their cars, finding ways to improve their life by asking them to take look at my business opportunity, or just encouraging people to adopt a positive attitude towards their life, and being grateful for any positive thing they can of in these times of uncertainty. Getting rid of negative thoughts is creating clear path towards the right way of thinking. Mastering the 7 Laws of the mind is what perpetuates the Law of Growth. My PPN’S are Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression, but what I now see is that the other PPN’S I didn’t choose will eventually seep it’s way into my being. The Whole is greater than it’s parts. Whoa, I almost forgot…. the index cards that we were instructed to create are “SMOKIN (they are the real deal). Creating a positivity bias is another powerful tool that frees us from that genetical trait of negativity. That alone is cause to celebrate the fact that we can live by our own compass🧭 I look at the 7 day mental diet as one integral part of many new ways to become a new person with a new life

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Well this week has been a week of staying engaged and being ever so vigilant of the thoughts I choose to entertain and thoughts I wish lot to entertain. Every morning I wake up I go outside on the porch look up at the sky and thank God for another day. Now I’m starting to really understand what the passage in scroll 2 means when it says, “I forget the happenings of the day that is gone, whether they were good or bad, and greet the new sun with confidence that this is the best day of my life“. This has been the great equalizer for me. It gets me engaged in only the present and not the past or the future. Now when I start a new day, I kick the day off with vigor and optimism. Now I Know that just because I made this new discovery mean that the day is not going to be beset with its share of challenges, but because I realize that life will present it’s oddball sorts of challenges, I’m now learning how to deal with them with a happy knack. Again out of necessity I’m now connecting the dots and linking all the exercises together and acquiring a new sense of self confidence that is gradually getting stronger and stronger each day. It seems like out of nowhere I look at chores as being of service for someone else. I’ve made donations to certain charities, paying it forward for people who are interested in my business opportunity but lack the funds to join. Here’s the kicker : I’m more excited than they are, and sharing my joy and excitement with them has made me realize the feeling that I experience when I’m engaged in the act of giving is huge. The other day a friend whom I haven’t heard from called me and thanked me for showing him how to play certain songs that I showed him years ago and how it expanded his understanding of how to create new songs. The constant awareness that I have with stringing together 7 days consecutively with no negative thoughts is a good way of keeping subby guarded and protected at all times. Just when it seems like I’m not progressing as fast as I think I should, I surprise myself with performing unconscious acts automatically. I’m paving the way to get the resources I need to push forward my vision of being a great musician and songwriter. One thing I can see is the big payoff on the horizon from my persistent actions to memorize the blueprint builder. Reciting the blueprint builder now is becoming a valuable tool that ranks high on my list of things that have the most impact for me. Now I actually feel each part that I recite as if it is truly coming from my heart filled with emotion. Each part reflects a much deeper meaning that unlocks the door into another room that has a new set of knowledge products calling out to me to discover more and link every other thing together ie, exercises, readings, affirmations, as one whole incredibly powerful force. It’s like being in this grocery store where all of the products in it are of extreme value. And knowing that this store is always fully stocked, never running dry of products, always bringing forth new products that can never be depleted. As my ability to become a self directed thinker grows ,my ideation, visualization, imagination, is growing at the same pace. I am learning how to be more tolerant towards others, because I know what I know, they don’t know. So that old saying goes, If you can’t beat “em join em,” now I rephrase that saying by now staying, ” If you can’t show “em, tolerate “em. So I realize how the world actually need folks like us in this community to be become a beacon of light and hope for others.

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Week 10 has been a week of observing how I am managing to exert more control over my thoughts , feelings, and actions and challenges that accompany them . It seems that the more the journey continues, the more I’m feeling like a juggler of sorts. Each progression that I ascend to carries with it a whole new set of challenges that at times seem arduous with some things and easy with others. Keeping up the momentum in all the things that have to be done to make my DMP become a reality in the world without requires certain amount of disciple, persistence and patience. While I’m engaged in a practice session and get totally swept into another world full of discovery and enjoyment, I’ve got to put a time limit on when to stop because I now have other commitments to keep. I noticed a feeling of anxiety every time I came to this point ( sometimes these sessions could last 3-4 hrs). Learning how to disconnect myself was difficult at first, but with practice I’m getting better at it. Then there’s the tasks to be done which I think is very crucial. Can’t get the dynamo operating if the circuit is broken.This is antecedent to everything else I’m on my mission to accomplish. But Once I’m engaged in this process, I’m whisked away again into a state of being fully committed to the task at hand sometimes forgetting other services around the house or errands that have to be done again. Sometimes I feel like I’m actually an absent-minded Professor. But wait….. I’ve also got to keep up with my online business, digital solutions, tweeting, and….. maintaining harmony while still being relevant with others within the household and family. My old self which still has a nasty habit of reappearing is still trying to tell me ” dag nabbit how are you supposed to keep up with all things and make it work?”. It’s like the new me😁 and the old me😏 are happily walking throught a nicely manicured forest happily singing and saying how great it is to be alive. I’m saying to old subby, ” Man, when we come out this forest, I can see my new house and all the other new things I was telling you about“. All of the sudden subby stops singing and says to me, ‘WHAT DA YA MEAN? MY NEW HOUSE AND NOT OURS? ” I replied, ‘ ohh, I was going to tell you, but I wanted it to be a SURPRISE. Now I have to be on constant alert to make sure he doesn’t surprise me with any tricks. Thank God for a few passages out of Scroll 3: “if I persist long enough I win” and “I consider each day’s effort as but one blow of my blade against a mighty oak”. Scroll 2: “I welcome obstacles for the are my challenge”. What I’m becoming to realize is that the object of my thoughts and desires are not going to become a reality through forced intentions, but through a natural progression of practice accompanied with a steady growth of realizing that the Universal Law ‘got my back and will provide an endless demand of supply that corelates with the dynamic thoughts that I provide. Now I know this fact to be true because when I’m learning new a material while I’m engaged in my studies, the only way I achieve the desired results are through relaxation and letting the flow come to me freely. At first consciously, and then letting it seep into my subconscious where the info I give it becomes infused with positive thoughts and feelings, and belief that eventually becomes a part of my flesh and physical being (whew that was a mouthful). So for me, when I’m doing something to push my growth forward no matter how disruptive it might seem and it creating a feeling of anxiety, it’s actually a good thing to observe how I react AND sort of be an alarm switch as to not break the circuit between me and the spiritual omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscience of power that is just waiting to perform it’s duties upon my demands that need to be awakened. Everyday, I see more clearly how the 7 day mental diet along with having a thorough understanding of what the 7 Laws actually mean. Yeah as I’m writing this true fact, I might sound like I’m this astute observer and all, but it’s not worth a hill of beans unless I apply the knowledge that I possess. These are but a few of the methods for me that are critical points of emphasis that I Must master because of the time constraints that are becoming more evident the deeper I go in my journey. There must be a seamless transition of growth and change so subtle yet so profound that the results are already happening before I ever consciously realize it. Even with the surge of Covid-19 cases occurring up here in New York, I know that I have the power to redirect my thoughts on only positive experiences and visualizing the life my future self will be so thankful to the present me for creating the path I have laid out for him.😁

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