masterkey experience week 5: thoughts

The week was a week of just reflective thinking about what I’m been reading and real time the everyday actions necessary to get a clear understanding of what I read and the true impact of seeing and believing the true nature of cause and effect. I compare it to watching a good movie 2 or 3 times and every time you watch it you observe something you didn’t notice before. I ask myself, “what did I do that was good and what can I do better”? We were instructed to give no opinions. I didn’t do as well I should have, but that’s going to change with more determination and consistency. I revised DMP, and this time I wrote it out but didn’t send it out until waiting a full day and reading it again, and again until I was satisfied. I was really forced to evaluate and focus on writing what I really wanted the most. This part of the class is so crucial because this is THE BLUEPRINT and Building Block to create a strong foundation in which those 40,000,000,000 synaptic go to work. I always feel so good about my obsession and persistence to become a new person with a new life and not just a better version of who I already am.

Are there obstacles at every turn. Yes there is, but I look at adversity and see me triumphantly winning, without whining and complaining. Adversity brings the best out of us. I read the Law of Compensation, The Greatest Salesman, book 1&2 ( I’m also engaged in more advanced training), followed by another sit and finally retiring to bed around 2:30 am.. Give more, get more. For everything we gain, we lose something. So I really see myself being the hero of my movie filled with adventure.


masterkey experience week 4: one day at a time

This week has been an ebb and flow of different different thoughts, circumstances, and feelings. Some days I’m cruising along absorbing what I would call a smooth day with everything working with pinpoint efficiency. I do my sit, my daily reading of The Greatest Salesman, Masterkey Lessons, reciting my blueprint builder, my index cards, and just thinking about the future me. Then there are the other days when nothing goes according to the plan I carefully mapped out for the day. I bought a new printer this week, and I felt so enthusiastic about acquiring it. I tried getting it up and running for 3 hours. I still didn’t get it done yet…. but wait minute, I got my DMP back and I have to revise it again! That bothered me more than my unsuccessful attempt to get the printer up and running. I didn’t get much accomplished that day.

That night as I tried to go sleep, I thought about everything that went wrong, and I started thinking about what else went wrong during the week. It was then that I noticed that something inside me that took over my thoughts and whisked them away from my mind. It was then that I realized that Subby had taken control. All of that practice…practice…practice paid off. I quietly fell asleep and woke up the next morning energized and ready for the upcoming events of the day. It feels so good to know that I’m connected to higher force. I felt the Law of growth happening that night. So now I take each day a day at a time knowing that for every thing that seems to be going the wrong way at the moment is actually a time for opportunity and discovery.

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This week has been a week of staying consistent. Since this is my 3rd time around, what I’m observing about myself is my lack of attention to detail sometimes. By keeping a mental record of what I’m truly accomplishing each and every day, I’m quickly realizing what it truly means in Scroll 1 of the Greatest salesman about not allowing the brevity nor the simplicity the what each Scroll says. What I’m saying in essence is just because I finished 2x don’t mean a thing if I don’t stay consistent and pay attention to every little detail. By staying on point as the observer of myself, I believe you become the the Student and the Teacher..

Well in my case it makes sense. Hey, MKE has over-delivered when it comes to equipping me or anyone else the necessary tools to succeed. Now, I know that there is no excuse for not accepting responsibility for anything that I do or don’t do. I turned in another revision of my DMP and am awaiting the results. I realize life is all about constant change. What worked last year doesn’t work this year. I gotta say, there’s nothing else like this course. I know what the rewards yield by doing these seemingly “childlike ” exercise.. Using thought in a focused concentrated effort on a Definite Major Purpose is true power. I made a vow to be more attentive to every detail in the course especially through these first weeks. By not being “stressed out” by setting up a blog, finding my way through all of the tabs, on the homepage….this, that, .while dealing with everyday life. It’s a lot easier for me to stay focused on the main thing: ascending to my higher self. Heck, I’m more advanced than last year in my thinking, and with the rest of my life to keep going up, up ,up, and away with nothing holding me back but me.Did a lot of things change in my life since then? Sure have. I know that there are other folks besides me, and like me, who have completed last years’ course and joined again this year to go further like me. So emotionally, I feel some sort of connectiveness within this outstanding community. Well, I’m still a student in some ways just like the people who courageously took this course for the first time. I’m being reminded that my best is ALL I have to give😎

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masterkey experience week 2: grinding away

YIPPIE KI YAY, I’m grinding away. That’s what week 2 was feeling like for me. Guess what? It wasn’t about me struggling with the class. It was about the other %!#% going on (feel free to fill in that strange cacophony of symbols). For some reason or another, I thought that I would breeze through the 1st 10wks like a gentle breeze flowing through the air. I seemed to have forgotten that what we plan perfectly down to the most intricate detail rarely works out that way. An errand here, problems with the new computer that I purchased, practice, webinars, and to top it off, purchasing a new phone that took all day yesterday to finalize at the store. Anything worth while getting sometimes not easy at all. But I still managed to keep doing the work. One thing from lesson 2 that I kept thinking about was what it said about the Subconscious and the Conscious. The Subconscious being the seat of all habit and behavior , that wondrous part of our brain that never sleeps. That has limitless resources to call upon and is the link to all of our creative spiritual qualities and thoughts. The Conscious part making all the decisions and being the “watchman” of the Subconscious. My objective has been for a while now, to have both of these wondrous mechanisms working harmoniously with one another.

Every challenge that I’ve faced I triumphed over this week (Yay). Doesn’t mean that I was cool calm and collected every moment. Ok, so there were moments where you could have fried an egg on my head. Hey I’m just as human as the next person. But from just practicing continually and acquiring a positive mental attitude, using the Law of Dual Thought, The Law of Substitution and controlling my emotions has led me to acquire things that I wondered how I would be able to make it happen. Needed a new computer: got it. Last year year I went through the whole course on a wonky one that continually froze during the webcasts that had me using all sorts of nice words as I frantically tried to get back on the webcast. Needed new musical equipment: got it. Passed my DOT Medical examination only after I went back the next day. The first day I went my blood pressure was up a bit, so it was suggested by the doctor that I come back the following day. It was battle of keeping any negative thoughts about the next day out of my mind. I kept feeding my subconscious nothing but positive thoughts. The next day I arrived bright and early. When I arrived, I was surprised to see an entirely different staff, doctor included. Everything went well and I passed my physical (hmmm…. a moment to think about). Ain’t making this %#%* up. Even went to have new sim cards put in my phone, only to show up at the right time and place to get a shown a promotional deal that I jumped all over( I actually needed them) 2 expensive phones that actually lowered my bill. I took a moment and thought about what transpired and said to myself, ” what the hell is going on here?” Then I felt a moment of gratitude and thankfulness, acknowledging to myself that the knowledge I have acquired in this course and applied daily though action with courage, faith and belief, is so inspiring and mind blowing that seeing the things you’re constantly thinking about start to manifest. Goosebumps all over me baby. There’s more stuff ’bout to jump off, but that’s talk for another time. I can’t begin to tell you of all the wonderful experiences I have had from just casually engaging into people I don’t know throughout the day. Acts of kindness I

perform as well as people doing them for me. I really think that’s cool and sometimes I tear up a little. It has put the word “excitement” again in my life everyday. Yes I am that “New Man with a New Life” right now. I embrace grinding out everyday knowing that there will be a big payoff in the end. I’m waiting to see what’s up with my DMP. My PPN’S are Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression. I’m starting to feel the pendulum swinging a little more my way. I want enthusiasm to engulf me everyday. I’m glad that I can never take even the smallest thing for granted. I’m an Enthusiastic Adventurer seeking new discoveries eternally. Just call me “AL the Grinder”. These are not just mere words but my way of life as I see it. 😎