We all love watching a movie where we see the main character in that familiar role as the underdog in their story. We may see them as being a reluctant hero when they face a watershed moment over and over again until one day, they’re faced with a decision to be or not to be. We see them being torn between remaining as they are or they just get sick and tired of being sick and tired ( in one of my movie favorites, it’s The Matrix, it’s the red pill or the blue pill). Then there’s the one’s that have a dream of seeing themselves and their new reality just as clear as a sunny day. Every detail well thought out and visualized and occasionally making the necessary adjustments to fulfill their dream, but none the less they never lose their enthusiasm and belief in what they see themselves transforming into. Their journey seems to be an arduous one that might span years but in the end they finally succeed. People have a habit of living vicariously through these characters because it makes them feel sooo good. The Hero’s journey is romanticized in way that it condenses the journey into sequences that will make the movie more enjoyable within at least 2 hours. The tragedy of this experience is for these people in that moment, there is that feeling of sheer ecstasy, happiness, and adventure. The thoughts that race through their minds create these momentary sensations that affect them mentally, emotionally and physically. Hmmm…seems like something that we’d all want for ourselves all the time. After the spell wears off, these folks come back to the reality they’ve come to accept as that life they’re experiencing which they see as their real reality. A continual and perpetual life of quiet desperation. Although a lot of these movies might be fictional and some might portray real events that actually happened, it’s that underlying message that says If you can believe, you can achieve. The other tragedy of this whole situation is there is a HERO IN EACH AND EVEYONE OF THESE PEOPLE who watch these movies. If they’re enjoying watching these types of movies and can relate to them in a way that excites and inspires them, then they qualify as having that essence in them we call a Hero. They are just not aware of the greatness and genius that lies dormant in them. Hannel says that it’s the mental labor that is required to make that change in ourselves and our environment. That thing that most people are unwilling to do. People always like to see how grand the finished product or results looks like but are terrified at all the responsibility, work, and change that it requires. Not giving into Conformity, always seeking their higher selves, those gut-wrenching difficult decisions that have to be made that not everyone is going to accept. Being different from the crowd, being misunderstood, acquiring a different lifestyle. I could go on and on, but I think the point has been made here. In this microwave age we live in, these are unabashed truths that are critical realities that could be so daunting that it deters many a folk from undertaking such a huge task. How long will it take? Will it work for me if I totally commit to reshaping the outcome of my life? What will the people that I’ve known for years think when they see a different me? Well, I was one of the folks that I described in this blog, I Was one of them. Now I see myself as that Hero as I have learned to see my movie clearly in 8k definition blaring across the movie screen of my life. If I can become a Hero, then anyone can. We are all connected to those omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent vibratory frequencies that the pervade the whole universe. So there you are: That’s one of the truths of how things really are in the invisible world or what I call the world within. And yes, it’s working for me incrementally in all aspects of my life. Ohh, by the way there’s this one critical point of reference or advice here that is of vital importance: never start something you truly intend not to finish. If you’re a quitter, then you have consciously made that decision to keep perpetuating those ignominious acts of failure. I liken it to having the Midas Touch of failure. It’s not easy doing something different, but it’s what transforms ourselves into what we perceive as being a Hero to our families and others and not the worlds definition of what a Hero is supposed to be. See your ideas and dreams all the way through even though the sky might seem to be falling.😎



  1. Allen, your blog touched my heart in three ways: (1) the concept that there is a HERO IN EACH AND EVERYONE . I agree that we aren’t always aware of our greatness and genius that lies dormant in us. Maybe because we are never told or by acknowledging it, it might make us less humble. Who knows but I know it is something that I continually work on. (2) The concept that we are all connected to those omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent vibratory frequencies that pervades the whole universe. This concept is mind blowing to grasp, but I’m glad you reminded me of this thought. (3) The concept of seeing your ideas and dreams all the way through even though the sky might seem to be falling. This idea is crucial if you want to manifest your DMP. Thanks so much for your gems of wisdom & your great reminders. Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


  2. Love this article. Note to self. Never start something you don’t intend on finishing. That’s been a theme of mine since I started this course. ‘Do it now’ is relentless. There is sooooo much to do, time and physical exhaustion leave things that aren’t complete to roll over to the next day. Thank you for your support in this journey.


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