masterkey experience week 14: The right thing

Wow, I don’t know why, but I find myself picking the last day of this year to write my blog. Did I make a conscious or unconscious choice to do this? Maybe later on it will become apparent why I made such decision. Well one thing I know for sure is that I’m happy to know that I know that I follow my on compass and not fall into that dreaded trap of making a New Years resolution most people make only to fail in a couple of weeks, months, reverting back to the old blueprint. This past week we were instructed to pick out a movie from numerous choices that were given to us. I chose the Big Lie. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie as I noticed how important it is to mastermind with other people unselfishly, seeing how love can be very powerful, and the art of giving no matter what happens in the end. Because a lie used with good intentions can used in a positive way, I thought that it’s truly a movie that I recommend one should see.

Now when it comes to doing the right thing, do we try to rationalize our behaviors and thoughts by believing or accepting a good lie from ourselves or the ideas and opinions of others? Do we take the time to find out the underlying facts and truths before we come to an intelligent decision? One observation that I have discovered about myself is me making conscious decisions not to use words like can’t, impossible, out of the question, failure, hopeless…….etc. All of these words and more that we use everyday I consider as good lies we tell ourselves. All are imagined and fear based. As go I through my index cards everyday and look at all the things I’ve done in my life, in every instance there were underlying things that I already possessed that made these positive events actually happen. Hey, I saw that I created them myself. Who said that I can’t be what I will to be? At these moments I was completely unaware that I had connected to Universal mind. I can actually go back and experience feelings like enthusiasm, confidence, belief, excitement and gratitude, happiness. The problem that I now see was that I gave life and a certain energy to something that possesses no vitality. I realize you get back nothing from nothing. My faith was displaced in believing in the good lie that these things only happen once in a while in a person’s life or worse, have no possibility of ever happening again, or the chance to create a new reality. I didn’t know exactly what it meant by starting a new life by the renewing of your mind. Now add the years of cement added on from negative experiences, listening to others ideas and opinions of others and a person can understand why we start to believe in that good lie which seemingly becomes almost insurmountable to overcome. You could stick a fork in me and see that I was almost done. Now, by freeing myself of that good lie that was mixed in with that good ole cement, the point of no return has come and gone and is being replaced with fantastic new things and events I’m experiencing and have yet to experience. HAPPY NEW YEAR……..oops, I meant Happy MAN/WOMAN new life ETERNALLY.

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masterkey experience week 13: staying vigilant

“Tis the season to be jolly…. and the time to be ever so vigilant staying focused on keeping the main thing the main thing. What is the “main thing” that I’m being vigilant about? Continuing creating a new blueprint and not digressing back to the old one. With Christmas and New Years occupying nearly 2 weeks, it can be so easy to relax and get derailed off the right track and unconsciously switch to that familiar track leading to the same things and circumstances we were desperately trying to escape. A little more alcohol, being engaged in opinions, talking about the past, annoying relatives conjuring up negative feelings of past experiences. Then there’s me picking up my mantle of truth and courage embarking on another 7 day mental challenge again at this time of the year? I was watching something on TV last night that kept me up until 3am. Our hero in the movie had seemingly vanished from from the face of the earth due to a plane crash with him and his wealthy parents on board when he was no more than 10yrs. old in. Saved by some monks in this inhospitable environment in some remote mountainous region, he returns 15yrs later. Upon his re-emergence he was transformed into this amazing individual with amazing martial arts skills, other worldly mystical powers, and a closer knowledge of the world within. Although he became a new man with a new life filled with a new purpose he was actually just starting his ever evolving journey of self discovery. MKE experience written all over this stuff. Now our assignment for next week was to watch a movie a dissect certain elements of the movie and relate them to what we’re learning. What got my attention was a part in the story where he talks about having no opinions because it blocks the path of clear thinking and being connected to what we called universal mind! He also mentioned true power comes from within. He also did his sits everyday, and stayed focused on his purpose everyday. I thought it was so uplifting. I see myself as seeing things others overlook. If I’m gonna watch something fictional or a real life documentary or event, it’s gotta have some sort of value or inspiration I can get out of it, or something so intriguing I can actually have a sit and focus on the thought that I had while watching it that will provide clues or answers to a particular situation I’m dealing with.

My biggest challenge this holiday season is not getting annoyed at these damm people ( I know they love me, and I love them also) interrupting my flow and momentum…ha..ha.. Thank God for the 7 day mental diet and my exercises which I tenaciously fight for to have the time and ability to stay on track. As John Wooden said, there’s nothing more satisfyingly than knowing that you’ve done your best. So the biggest present that I can give myself is continuing staying vigilant, and consciously being the watchman at the gate for my subby and future self. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE.

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masterkey experience week 12: outside the box

For a long time I’ve always thought outside the box. Once I made the discovery that a lot of my viewpoints and thoughts are those of a Contrarian ( a person who deliberately behaves in a way that is different from the people around them) I learned to accept that fact. Being fortunate to have an opportunity to travel from an early age (I’m a guitarist) to other places outside of my own neighborhood and see how people lived and thought gave me a different perspective on how the world operates and exits outside of the environment that I was accustomed to living in. I realized that music is a vibratory force that is felt all through the world that transcends language barriers, creates lasting friendships, opens up different experiences that are priceless, and how we are connected all over the world no matter what race. religion, genre, creed. I was amazed at how I was looked at by just being myself and sharing my gifts and talents to others. The feelings that I experienced was something that money could never by. From those wonderful moments that I think about, I can always visualize and feel happy at any moment. PLUS it made me a believer of having a reality of experiencing all the great things the world and life has to offer.

The problem was, how can I bottle that feeling of confidence, accomplishment, happiness, and adventure, discovery when I wasn’t touring. The solution I’m discovering is to be totally immersed every day in feeding my future self every positive thing I can pull out of my hat and using it to my advantage. That kind of love that I experienced before is worth fighting for. My blueprint builder has a passage in it that says, ” I succeed before using the forces I wish to use and the cooperation of other people”. By me using the power of love in every thing I say and do, and being inspired to give more, and going the extra mile plus enjoying doing it without looking for any accolades, or expecting anything in return and just being me, increases my value a hundred fold, opening up a adventure that’s worth cherishing for eternity, or better said, that is eternal. Conformity is something that I’ve never accepted. Does every one agree to what I said? Of course not. But right at the very top of DMP, I emphatically state, ” No longer do I seek the ideas and opinions of others”. Every person in this world is a unique individual with their own unique skills and talents. So it doesn’t matter who accepts what I think or not. I believe it. Too bad that most people are happy to do what the world tells them to do instead of what their heart is actually telling them. Is it easy? No it’s not. But if you believe you can, you can. Anyone can be what they will to be. Be what you were intended to be.

masterkey experience week 11: plowing forward

As I’m moving forward each day I look at all tasks at hand for only that particular day and bring forth my best effort get them done. Whether it be staying on track with my service of the week, along with my sit, readings, visualizations, thoughts, I’m getting used to performing them at a high level of consistency. I’m even getting better at my typing skills😁. And most importantly trusting the process of stepping into that role of my future self. After 2 months of working on my DMP and the approval of my guide, I finally hit paydirt with successfully achieving my goal of writing an effective DMP that makes the hair on my arm stand up. By adding my Press release into this gumbo soup of powerful tools I see everything much differently when it comes seeing what my true purpose in life is and living a life filled with purpose. I find myself using the correct worlds to express myself to others in a positive powerful way that I see people respond to in a very positive fashion. It makes me become more aware of seeing opportunity coming to me through the most unlikely ways. A shot of inspiration, a casual conversation, inductive thinking, being grateful for anything everyday, and being filled with…….ENTHUSIASM, are all things that I see as important trends that I feel more impowered with. When I break down every sentence in my blueprint builder and give thought to what I’m really affirming and linking them to my experience in achieving my smart goals, it’s all about my true intentions and being compliant to universal mind and law, and finally, being of service to others. It feels so great to know that there are a set of immutable laws that I can use for my benefit. So each day, I get better than the day before, no matter how small it might seem, but I know that I’m chopping down that mighty oak tree one chop at a time😎

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While was thinking about what to write for this weeks post the thought came into my mind about Marvin Gaye’s song “What’s going on”. Since I’m a musician and artist, I’ve played this song countless times in various bands and always loved the lyrics because there was such a period of chaos and unrest in the Country at that time. I felt it spoke the truth. But now discovering the ‘truth’ about me more and more, I associate the tittle with my adventurous experiences that I ‘m encountering and observing how I think and react. Sometimes as I’m walking and exercising outside, looking at the beautiful foliage of the colors of the leaves on trees during this part of the season, and noticing how lavishly abundant nature is, I ask myself is, ” is this what’s going on with me the more I visualize what I want and see”? I say to myself, “yes”. I see the beauty of the branches of the trees with no leaves on them, the quietness in brisk the air, the beauty of the snow and I’m more grateful now than ever to appreciate all of these miraculous events. Everything being compliant to the laws of nature, and reaping the rewards. I keep my positive talisman with me all the time and greet each morning enthusiastically with what I can get done today despite all things that happen during the day that I have no control over (thank you 7 DAY MENTAL DIET). I’m living by my compass and not looking at or living by the clock.

I realize that every revision in my DMP, revisions in my recordings, practices, my thinking, feelings are all signs of experiencing the Law of Growth and understanding what that means🎇. I find myself being inexplicably seized with excitement, and determination. I got to that point of experiencing no negative thought whatsoever. I believe that I’m much further ahead of what I want to be more than I think. But not falling into that trap of thinking I’m some sort of hot shot with an incomplete portfolio of knowledge and wisdom. I’m experiencing more accurate thinking and paying more attention to detail (yeah I’m a blue) that will be of such value to my future self. I’m more confident, have a good personality with people. My imagination, creativity, faith and belief in myself, are all virtues I treasure more than money. So, what’s going on? Everything good for me and the people that are affected from my presence. I persist. I WIN!

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