What if you were a person who possessed Courage, Decisiveness, Imagination, Self-Control, Disciple, Initiative, ENTHUSIASM, Persistence, KINDNESS, being Well Organized, having a Pleasing Personality, and Seeing God in Others, and being a self-reliant person and thinker? Also what if you had a map where you could see your destination in plain sight? And all you have to do is believe and do the work with full faith that your desire is already a done deal in the invisible spiritual world? And what if you possessed a level of unconscious competency in every task you perform make it seem sot effortlessly to manifest while to others make it seem like your always pulling a rabbit out your hat? Or be like Michael Jordan hitting three-pointers and then shrugging his shoulders as he ran back down the court as if to say, ” hey, I got the juice, it just happens”. That moment where everyone looks at each other in astonishment at what just happened. And now everyone wants to be like you or be around you hoping in some way that that magic you possess can trickle down to them from just being around you. You’ve learned how to communicate with others by knowing their color code and knowing how to approach them by speaking THEIR language. Your light shines so brightly because they see you as having a genuine interest in being of service to them and anyone else making them feel an inexplicable trust, and transparency they see in you thus getting them to serve you where everyone benefits from a any transaction they are involved in with you. You are the possessor of a Wealth that far exceeds anything financially. Well if you are fortunate enough to become a visionary and faithfully do the work in this course and apply the new knowledge that will constantly reveal itself everyday then you will be the possessor of having what others will see as an unfair advantage. We are a beacon of light to the world.



While attending last weeks’ webinar we were congratulated by Mark, Davene, and our fantastic staff on the progress we have made since that first class back in October of 2021. While they spoke, I reflected back on all the work and challenges of not only this year but the previous 2 years and my enthusiastic desire to learn more each year. I had thoughts of how it has impacted me and thought about all the new and creative thoughts and behaviors that I now possess knowing that I have access to that metaphorically speaking Aladdin’s Lamp which in essence is that beautiful mechanism, which is our mind or brain and if used correctly can accomplish anything we which to be or do. The exercises that we’ve been shown to do on a everyday basis have become habitual habits that are just as habitual as getting up in the morning and washing up, brushing our teeth, hair, eating breakfast, planning our day, dressing ourselves. Even though are plans might be thwarted sometimes we are not to be discouraged or derailed from keeping the main thing the main thing. What is the main thing I’m talking about? Discovering our true authentic selves and purpose in the life we have been graciously been given to experience.

I had experienced some interesting situations last week that seemed disastrous at the moment they happened. There was this one particular incident that occurred last week that could have produced a lot of anxiety and despair. Last week my virtue that I chose to observe was being Well Organized. I have to say that I nailed this virtue down to the wire. I had to go to my accountant to submit my W2 forms for my taxes. I carefully gathered all my documents with instructions enclosed inside that would make their job very easy when it came to doing my taxes. They were neatly enclosed in a small brown manila envelope with my name and address written on the envelope. I was actually kinda fatigued from the night before by taking the initiative to finish all my MKE work and then go to sleep. The next morning I enthusiastically got up did my sits and readings an promptly started out to submit my forms to my accountant. I took the bus and was happily riding to my destination and simultaneously trying to connect my earbuds to my phone via a Bluetooth connection. I started having problems making a connection. I had to get off that bus and transfer to another bus to finally get to my destination. As I waited for my bus, I was still fiddling with my phone and got distracted. When the bus arrived I got on the bus an rode for about 2 stops only to realize that I didn’t have my envelope. I got off the bus and tried to remember where I actually left it. I went back to the bus stop but the envelope was not there. Had all kind chaotic thoughts racing through my mind. Did I actually leave it on the bus or did someone take it off the seat at the bus stop and were they going to use the sensitive information for their own benefit? I just then remembered a certain sentence in my blueprint builder that said, ” I cause others to believe in me as I believe in them and in myself”. As I dejectedly came back home, I decided not to worry about it. I said to myself, ” well, at least I put my name and address on the envelope and just maybe… someone will perform an act of kindness and mail it back to me. I still believed that there were some good people out there that are kind and operate on a higher level of consciousness and being. Yesterday evening I looked in my mailbox and what was there? You guessed it, my envelope with all my info along with a letter from my fantastic hero who briefly explained how she noticed a package that was left on a seat at the bus stop. Once she opened the envelope and noticed how important the info inside was, she could only imagine how that person must feeling about losing it. I’m so grateful and humbled having experienced an act of kindness and that I still have enough belief, faith and trust in people. So, does this MKE stuff really work? For me it’s a smashing success. Today I get a chance to thank her. She left her address and phone number. Whoopie🎇👍!


Staying in and accepting the ebb and flow of life everyday can seem like a daunting task of observing how we think and behave. What actions do we cause by our thoughts that cause certain effects and learning from these circumstances whether they be good or bad.? How we can apply the Law of growth in certain situations that appear to be disastrous, but actually are for our on benefit that can be ‘ a blessings in disguise” if we can only stay in the flow of giving and receiving. Do we learn anything from these experiences that will shed a different light for us to discover about ourselves and how we can control our destinies through observing the causes and effects that lead to certain outcomes? Are we happy to discover certain truths about ourselves, or do we continue to spew out negative and self- loathing thoughts that we give life to that keep giving us the things we don’t want? Do we understand that it takes practice to achieve the desired results we really want when it comes to staying in the flow so we accomplish all of the beautiful things we desire to manifest in our DMP’S?

How do we react when things seem to go “sideways” when we’re faced with adversity and become vulnerable to all false statements with actually no truth behind them? As I am writing this blog, this is actually my second attempt. Just before this attempt, I was actually almost finished with my first attempt when all of the sudden, as if my computer had a mind of it’s own, it decided to shut down and restart in order to complete a crucial up-date. All my precious thoughts gone down the drain. Yeah, there was that moment where I thought negatively ” here we go again”. I thought this way because of the negative events that happened to me all through the week. Losing my house keys, losing important documents, making a decision not to go to a rehearsal because of certain principles that I stood by ( ignoring my deep desire to play, and performing hours of practices at home in anticipation of going to rehearsal. Ouch) and not to make any compromises with what I felt was the right decision and then this incident today. I asked myself “was I doing things that were not compliant to Universal Law, or on a lesser plane of thought from a whiner, why me?” The Last webinar I attended talked about the various color code that each person possesses from childhood. It explained our tendencies from a behavioral viewpoint. Where our strengths and weaknesses lie depending on what color we truly are. I’m a blue, so in stressful times I have a tendency to beat myself up with all sorts of negative criticism that actually keeps that self perpetuating act of pling on more cement continually gaining momentum flowing in the wrong direction on autopilot . I’m saying of this because I actually like these thoughts I’m writing down better than my first draft. Couldn’t come to this outcome without seizing the opportunity to use this moment to my advantage. I realize now that giving thought to everything in a positive manner whether it be good or bad keeps me in a positive flow of giving and receiving as well as attracting to myself the attributes, virtues, I wish to receive. Saying in the flow I think is A VITAL INGREDIENT when it comes to staying in the flow of Life. Faith, Belief, Practice, Practice, Practice, leaves others scratching their heads with a sense of astonishment and wonder at how we’re able to accomplish any task happily.

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masterkey experience week 18: the spirit of a thing

“I’ve changed the way I see and think of myself. I’m an Enthusiastic Adventurer no longer seeking opinions and ideas from others”. This sentence is my opening statement from my DMP. The more I memorize it and make a conscious effort to think about it everyday, the more I understand the Spirit of the Thing I must manifest within me. Week 18 has been a chaotic week of highs and lows with each situation whether it being good or bad I am grateful to have experienced. It just seemed like everything I tried to do right morphed into a disaster….or it seemed that way on the surface. From being accused of being the “bull in the china shop” wreaking havoc and destroying drinking glasses at home (only later finding the “broken glasses” misplaced in the cabinet😁) to having rehearsals canceled, and having a blizzard in Queens New York this week, every event seemed liked an assault on my mental and emotional state. As I tenaciously fought to claim back my piece of mind I retreated back to my DMP, Blueprint builder, index cards, etc. They were all helpful tools that put me back on track so far as me keeping the pathways clear to receive insightful ideas, inspiration, and faith and belief as I traverse the landscape of the Hero’s Journey. I remembered the fact that knowledge does not apply itself. But it was when I remembered reading a passage in Lesson 17 of Hannel that talked about the Spirit of a thing is the thing itself. I then thought about a musician friend of mine a long time ago making a statement that said, “in music, there’s a rhythm inside the rhythm that also creates the rhythm itself. There’s always the ebb and flow of the Rhythm of Life each day. If we embrace the Spirit of a Thing, I believe we can deal with the ebb and flow of life by staying in the rhythm of life itself😁.

As I digress back to that opening statement of me being Enthusiastic Adventurer, I was hell bent on finding out what this “Spirit thing” was all about. As I glossed over my 5 virtues that I’ve observed already along with performing acts of kindness everyday, I had taken the time out to write out the definitions of what each virtue actually meant. I saw that being aware of them and applying each one and observing them in others is the Spirit of a the thing itself. It’s make me hold myself accountable for everything I do right and what I need to do better each day with confidence knowing that things will change. When I read the Guy the in Glass out aloud looking at myself at night, I smile and I understand the great service and honor that has been bestowed upon me to let my light shine and to be of service to my future self.

I see the Law of Growth being applied by experiencing weird sleep patterns because I’m always thinking about that next thing I should be doing, and what am I pretending not to know? By applying The Law of Practice, it is making me a great salesman to myself and being grateful for the rest of my life enjoying every minute of adventure, discovery, fulfillment and being of service to others.

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