Week 3 was a very busy week for me. On some occasions during the week I found time to relax and I thought about getting back to that commitment of getting better at growing everyday. I mean not consciously saying it, but doing it. Think about it. When we learn something new, at first it takes a certain amount of conscious thought, and then with consistency it becomes easier and easier to perform. It becomes a pleasure to perform and thus a new habit is formed. I never realized how much I accomplished until I slacked off. Everything started to materialize ( I’m a musician, and have some business opportunities coming to the forefront). All these things started happening I believe because I faithfully read my Blueprint builder,DMP, Og Mandino, Flash Cards, and much more. I think whats happening is my old blueprint is still trying to make a last stand like, well let’s say the 300 Spartans. My excuse was, “I’m so busy now, I don’t have the time to commit like I did before”. When I caught myself saying that, that’s when I knew I had to take this course again. Get back to the future me. It was through these moments of being engaged in what was starting to happen is when I needed to stay on track the most. Not being distracted by thoughts like, ” Is this really going to work this time, or ” is this going to happen when I said it was going to happen in my DMP?” Doubt and Anxiety quickly set in and thank God I saw what was happening and quickly put a stop to that. I was thinking, ” Oh boy, now I’ve got be consistent in reading Og 3 times a day….changing one of my PPN’s….. my sit…. etc.” I realized that I was looking at it like a chore instead of it being exciting. My old self was saying, “you’ve done that already. Now you’re going to do it again?” When I observed what I was thinking, I realized the need to be connected to the real me again. For me it’s like keeping the light bulb on all the time. I know the drill. Now it’s all about being consistent, persistent, and enjoy what I’m doing and stay all in all the time! 



As I am beginning to move at a faster pace. I’m beginning to really see what it means by having the sophomore jinx. Man last year I faithfully moved at a deliberate pace that paid off in big dividends The Sit, Blueprint Builder, DMP, Og Mandino, and many more great tools that this course has to offer. Wow, I’m realizing that my Old Blueprint is still trying to make a comeback. I’m happy to really make that observation. I’m realizing how important it is to STAY connected to the process until it becomes automatic for rest of my life. When I focus on last year’s accomplishment of completing the course I realize that doing is completely different from being that “NEW PERSON WITH A DIFFERENT LIFE”. That’s not to say that I have not benefited from last year because I have, immensely. With more growth comes an acute sense of doing and being more. I truly know what Hannel meant by saying that one of the hardest things to do is the mental work that it takes that most people are unwilling to do. It is definitely work, but the payoff is life changing. Now I’m saying all this at this point because I recognize that I still have unfinished business when it comes to saying hello to my “future self”. One of the things I will improve on is creating a mastermind alliance with this family. After completing this course I truly realize how important it is to be with like-minded people. I am really amazed at how people think and once I became a self-reliant thinker, sometimes it felt like I was standing alone, but that is the challenge that I face but because of that, new people and new circumstances have materialized in my life. Discovering the world within is the key. Another key that I see is that knowledge does not apply itself. Learning with an open mind is valuable. Doing the exercises and meeting the requirements of this course is of the utmost importance, but until it becomes your everyday life, all the work will be ineffective. FAITH AND BElIEF ARE CRITICAL COMPONENTS  that pave the way to the new person that we intend on becoming.


Well here I am getting back on track. I quickly found out how easy it is to get off track even if it is only for a month or so. I am a lifetime member and last year was truly an experience that I won’t forget. I truly recommend taking this course because it has helped me through leaps and bounds. One thing that I realize is that this years course has some significant changes in which I am pleasantly surprised to see. One thing I realized is that it is a never-ending journey to push oneself to a higher level of personal growth and reaching towards one’s higher self. Trust me there’s always new frontiers to discover. I had been struggling with myself when it came to taking the course again. Things was saying like,” I finished the course in its entirety, boy was that an accomplishment!” As things are starting to materialize,it was then that discovered that my old blueprint was still lurking around waiting to get a chance to re-emerge. I realized that in no way am I going to let that happen. Too much hard work was put in last year. So now I humble myself and right the ship that I am currently navigating. As I am writing this I feel the spark of my higher self seeping back in. Mark J said that taking the course again for a lot of folks works wonders. I can’t help but think how this year will turn out, having completed the course last year! So now it’s time to roll up my sleeves and GET BUSY. I am now engaged in catching up with my requirements, so here we go!