masterkey experience week 17: the repair technician

This week has been a week of more observation of myself and everything around me. Earlier today I found myself watching a show that featured people who happily purchased a home. Cosmetically, it looks fantastic, but after a while they discover that there are a plethora of problems that were hidden from their eyes initially. They then decide to call on a contractor whom they put their trust and money in to come in and fix their existing problems only to become the unfortunate recipients of these shady individuals/companies who do shoddy work and run off with these poor individuals hard earned savings, leaving them to endure periods of despair, anger, and frustration. Not being able to either find or come to some sort of agreement with these contractors to do the right thing, they are then seen employing the highly skilled professional talents and abilities of this empathetic contractor to finally do what they wanted to have done in the first place: fix their existing problems without going through the same hassles they went through before. In the end he delivers well above their expectations. You can see a look of gratitude and astonishment on their faces as they happily thank him in the end.

It was then that I thought of a part of myself being that contractor, or what I call, The Repair Technician. I thought of myself as being that homeowner going through life accumulating a plie of cement and telling myself, ” wow, at one time everything seemed ok and then all of the sudden now I’m seeing one thing after another that needs to be fixed. I angrily think of how I put my trust in this contractor I’ve known for quite some time. (my old self) to fix these problems. I say to myself, ” who in heck referred this person to me anyway?” Ah, the power of thought. I figure out that question rather quickly, and say “oops, I did”. I realized I couldn’t blame anyone but myself. But I didn’t beat myself up by self-loathing myself at the fact that I allowed this rip-off to happen. I just happily discovered that the only thing he did instead of solving my problem was to drain me of all my vitality, creativity, enthusiasm, and happiness and only provided me a constant obstruction of my vision with a bunch of false realties, beliefs, fears. I realize that the very things that are positive and powerful are free charge and are actually more valuable than money. Out of necessity and persistence, I found this empathetic individual in me who calls himself “The Repair Technician”.

He explained to me that if I just trust and follow his instructions and guidance, it’s inevitable that that forever dream (my future self and environment) is a done deal. So I’m focusing on these virtues like my life depends on it. I’ve been observing Self Control this week. So many of our thoughts, feelings, and actions are determined from this virtue. I see an abundance of it everywhere. I can see it in myself and how I can use it to my advantage. I can also see how disastrous it can be by not using it at all. When I use it properly, I think more clearly. Intuition, ideas, poise, patience, and more attention to detail visit me more frequently. When I don’t exercise it all, I get everything I don’t want and nothing more. I can see that by taking each one of these virtues seriously in the Franklin Makeover, I am now that empathetic contractor, that much needed REPAIR TECHICIAN that lies within me with the blueprint and the tools to make my future self a happy homeowner.

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masterkey experience week 17 : virtues

Week 17 has given me the initiative to write down the definition of every virtue in the Franklin Makeover that we have been given the task to observe for the whole week for 3 months. I even decided to look up the definition of virtue. Virtue: moral excellence, goodness, righteousness. 2. effective force; power or potency. Even though I completed the course last year it was at this period of the course where I didn’t persistently go after this with the tenacity of a shark smelling blood in the water. Now what I really enjoy by being an observer of myself is being aware of any repeats of last year’s letdowns at crucial moments that I should’ve taken advantage of by recognizing critical watershed moments that if taken advantage of AND recognized (R2, A2) can be game changers for life. In my room that let’s say, my Fortress of Solitude, I have a sheet pinned to the wall right beside my computer that has printed on it the 17 Principles of Success. I had this SHEET on my wall for 2years. I’m looking at it but…no connection. You know, it’s like misplacing your car keys and looking all over the place and then deciding to look down and seeing them lying on the floor right in front of you. Yep, sure I read it. Sounded good, noble, and noteworthy. That was it. Nothing else gained from reading it Then for some reason this time at that this particular moment, I suddenly envisioned myself turning into a parrot reciting what I read without a clue of what these 17 principles really meant. If nothing else, I now realize that you don’t do anything unless you know why you’re doing it. A lot of times we search for things that are actually staring us right in the face. It was then that I heard this inner voice inside me saying, “knowledge does not apply itself”. It was this nagging thought that made me dig further down to the truth. With the infusion of Going the Extra Mile, Accurate Thinking, and last but not the least, ENTHUSIASM ( all principles of The 17 Principles of Success that stared me in the face for 2yrs.). Even though Enthusiasm is one of the virtues that we are to observe for one week, I haven’t gotten to that one yet. But I believe this virtue to be the “glue” that cements all of these virtues which are our powerful “friends and allies” of power and character that will cling to us eternally. When I go the extra mile by writing down the definitions of each virtue, thinking accurately of what that virtue means and “gluing” it all together with my guy Mr. Enthusiasm, I know that principles will always be eternal. I feel like someone who had a hypodermic needle filled with truth and self-confidence stuck into my blood stream giving me an immediate rush to my brain, sending out new peptides with new instructions for day, week, years. The amazing thing about this is I’m doing this with a happy knack. My virtue this week is Disciple. It can be seen everywhere in abundance. So if I’m seeing it, it’s already in me. It’s so cool to know for yourself that you are that self-reliant, successful person, that unique individual. I know that it’s already done in the world within. All I have to persistently do is the work and let subby do it’s thing pointing me to the right person, the right situation’ and the right time for it to manifest in the world without. True power from within, and not some symbol of power like a fancy house or car. The Franklin Make Over is the real deal. I’m hooked and lov’in it😎

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masterkey experience week 16: kindness everywhere

This week in the Masterkey class our assignment was to to observe kindness. I feel that it’s the one thing that can bring us together. If we sit back and really observe kindness, it’s everywhere. A smile that radiates sends a message to others of happiness, and sincerity of a true altruistic benevolence to one another. If we’re kind to ourselves we tend to be kind to others. As we’re being bombarded everyday of negative things from our peers, news media, and opinions, it seems like the things that grab attention for most people is the constant pandering of our basic negative thoughts have put us in a mindset of me first, and everyman/woman for themselves. For me being kind opens up the most powerful thing in the universe which is love. When we’re kind to ourselves and others, we concentrate on the things we want instead of the things we don’t want which determines the outcome of circumstances, relations, dreams, and a happy, harmonious life. We experience more vigor, better health, accomplish much more, are fun to be around others, and are in direct harmony with universal law. When we learn to give it away to others without any expectations, or reciprocity, we’re in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving.

For me I’ve learned to observe kindness all the time, not just for this week, but constantly everyday. You never know how much you can change a person’s outlook for the day with a smile, a hello, even something humorous (which I’ve become very good at doing) which inevitably changes their thoughts, and emotions. Heck, I even think more clearly if I’m kinder to myself instead of beating myself up with a bunch of negative crap. There was one instance for me that showed how infectious kindness can be once it seeps in a persons soul. I was in the store at the cashier watching them ring my items up. She asked me if I would be interested in buying some candy as a donation. I jokingly said “no” because I was watching my weight, I thought about it for a moment and then agreed to purchase the candy because at that moment I realized it was a chance for me to perform an act of kindness. To my astonishment, the lady behind me offered to pay for what I thought was only the candy. Feeling a little embarrassed I told her “thank you but I’ll pay for it. She then said, ” no, I’ll pay for everything including the items you purchased”. I was flabbergasted . What she said next was even more beautiful. She explained to me that her daughter was to be married in a few days and this was her way of showing her gratitude by doing something for someone else. Then she told me that it was my responsibility to do the same for someone else. It was then that I discovered how powerful being kind can really be. With the Power of Soul and Kindness, anything is possible.

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masterkey experience week 15: CONSTRUCTIVE THINKING

As week 15 comes to a close I found myself taking more time with thinking about the aspects of all the readings and exercises that I have been engaged in and how I’m Recognizing, Relating, Assimilating and Applying (R2,A2). By understanding this critical formula, it gives me a much clearer and stronger understanding of truth, power, intention, and awareness which is becoming more visible and real through the power of Constructive thinking. As I constantly read my DMP and Press Release I see how the power of thought conveyed through the right concise words that I use are truly the highest form of architecture in civilization. This feat of completing my DMP which took almost 2 months to accomplish I consider as a major accomplishment in my life. Yeah, I was successful with last’s year DMP, but this year is something special. Last year we had 400 words to work with. 300 WORDS this year was the requirement. 400 words seemed like a challenge, but 300 words? Now take the 7 day mental diet, and the Franklin Makeover. I choose to observe Courage this week. I realized how I can bring out the Courage that already have to become a powerful virtue I can employ at a moments notice. Then as I read my Press Release I came across a passage where I was wishing to experience a future time when I would enthusiastically wake up every morning contemplating what next exciting thing I would do that day. Wait a minute….that day is right now. Since embracing that thought, with the expectation of contemplating what next exciting thing to do that day, I know that the future me is taking hold because things are getting done with me marveling at what just happened. Even though I’ve accomplished this a while back, I’m asking myself, “hey this is week 15, why am I still so enthusiastic about this accomplishment? Shouldn’t I be taking more about the Franklin Makeover more?” Well, I’m just can’t stop being grateful and thankful for realizing the positive collateral effect that is taking hold of me every day I wake up. Without that happening, I would still feel like a leaf blowing in the wind subjected to embracing every thought or idea whether it was good for me of not.

How I think, what I think about, how I feel, and what words I use to express my thoughts and feelings have a major impact of my descensions for applying these mental actions which are critical points of reference when it comes to R2,A2ing anything. Constructive Thinking is so critical and one the very important element which will facilitate the Law of Growth. I find myself continually taking out the trash and making that new environment a peasant place to live in. I could write another blog on just how happy I am to see self imposed obstacles vanishing right before my eyes and enjoying every minute of it. Had a moment during the week with my printer. Just bought it 2 months ago, and problems already. Spent 3 unnecessary days trying to fix the problem myself, and fuming at my inability to fix the problem. I was ready to send the printer back. It was then that I realized that I had listened to the opinions of others, because when I finally took the imitative to just contact the manufacturer myself, guess what? Got the problem fixed and realized that I have a 22 month warranty on my printer. Also the technician told me anytime I encounter a problem I can call them free of charge. What a good lesson to learn about life itself. By thinking the right way I have the power to solve any problem that I encounter and any purpose I wish to fulfill if I think in a constructive way,

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