masterkey experience week 9 : momentum

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone. In it’s aftermath I look back and celebrate that Wednesday evening at 11:59 pm and counting going into Thursday 12:00am. Whoopie! I successfully completed my 7 Day Mental Diet task. Easy it was not. After constant restarts with each one from my perspective being a blessing in disguise in retrospect. Each setback and restart revealing a new discovery about my thoughts and feelings and learning how to seize control of them. With the help of performing the previous weeks’ task of watching no TV and no opinions, I realized that I was building up momentum to finally conquer adversity and reach my goal. By not accepting failure as payment for my struggle and constantly paving the way for my future self with the help of reciting affirmations with emotion constantly and using some advanced techniques from the Masterkey System, I ‘ve convinced subby that I can be what i will to be. With all of the quirky situations and circumstances that we go through during Thanksgiving week and accepting things as they are and not what we wish them to be, I was able to still be engaged with my business, maintain a harmonious atmosphere with friends and family no opinions, (ok I slipped a few times), and most importantly keeping a strong connection by visualizing my future self everyday creating a clearer picture of the person I intend to become, doing the exercises. I look at all of this as being a precursor of the challenges that will follow with every step towards success. If I can’t deal with these obstacles now without making any excuses I certainty won’t be ready for any ensuing opportunities in the future. So I just keep cranking up the momentum and using the Law of Growth, and Practice. The best is yet to come.


2 thoughts on “masterkey experience week 9 : momentum

  1. Allen, your blog was such a success story in spite of a few slip-ups. Congratulations on being successful in completely your 7 day mental diet and also making us aware that distractions such as TV can set your focus off of your goal and allow for negative thoughts to creep in. What triggered you to express your opinion during Thanksgiving when you were with your family and friends? Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine

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    1. Thanks for reading my blog and your words of encouragement. I inadvertently got sucked in a conversation dealing with politics. The topic was: Who will win the 2024 presidential election. I gave an opinion and immediately realized what I’d done. I didn’t get angry at myself but calmly recognized what I’d done.


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