Everyday as most people go about their daily routines of living out their lives in quiet desperation just living out the time clocks of their lives, I’m quite sure there must be that one fleeting moment of thought that may allow themselves to entertain imagining themselves in an environment where their dreams have actually come true. But then yank themselves back into the everyday reality that their mind has shaped for them, believing that their past experiences define who they are. Since they have acknowledged to themselves that they are adults an adopted the worlds version of what they should be doing and who should they be, they’ve actually become a tiny microbe living in the world without. They react to stimuli instead of creating their their own stimuli. Any notion of seeing themselves experiencing a totally different life filled with knowing their true purpose in life and only living their life on a purpose that truly defines their existence seems like a childlike thought that is believed to illogical, and focus on that thought which becomes crystalized in their conscious and unconscious mind as a true fact. Fear affecting them in ways they have no way of comprehending. So deep seeded is this fear, and sense of unworthiness, it’s just accepted as being normal like everyone else. Feeling secure in the fact they’ll be accepted in society and always being relevant in today’s world. There’s some that have the desire but not the will to trust their heart.

So let’s move away from that grim reality and look at another one filled with limitless factual possibilities. Possibilities that are backed by normal science as well as spiritual science. Science says that a brain that has logic and creativity working in unison and working in complete harmony with one another, comprises the activities and functions of a healthy brain. When we allow ourselves to embrace creative thought which exists in the right side of our brain, we’re able to tap into infinite intelligence, where imagination, courage, kindness, imitative, intuition, being morally competent, creative vision, self disciple, enthusiasm exists. We need these things or what I call virtues in order for us to begin to start looking at things from a different perspective. The left side of our brain houses all of the facts, logic, science, mathematics, accurate thinking, careful planning, A Definite Major Purpose, goals, Objectives, plans of action. This is what I deem as a perfect marriage of the finite and the infinite, the personal and impersonal. When people can stop looking at the world’s definition of what a Genius is and believe that there are no common people but that there is that quality of Genius within us all, we will have gotten to that point of populating the world with more self-directed thinkers who will believe that true success in all things comes from being of service to others. In other worlds there’s always room in this world to have an abundance of wealthy individuals who are self-directed thinkers.

We never get something for nothing. The price we pay is doing the work of getting rid of the way we see and think of ourselves and start doing and seeing things in a different way. By using the power of Dynamic Thought we can harness and use the unlimited power of the ether that is in the Universe. And get this: It’s all scientific fact and i’ts already in you. Being an Enthusiastic Adventurer of the unknown will bring to your future self who is the real you. If you believe you can, you can.


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