As the 2nd week has come and gone I’ve found myself being happily engaged in my commencement and tenaciously clinging to my new thoughts of becoming that new man with a new life. “Do it now, and I can be what I will to be” are the daily Mantras I live by. Gotta be in it to win it. So unlike at the end of my 2 previous courses, I’m making sure that there’s a seamless transitory progression to the exciting part 2 of this course which will involve studying the Kabalion and the Greatest Salesman part 2 along with some cool additional surprises that I’m eager to experience. No stop and go here. Did that dance before. I’m continually expanding my comfort zone by being the observer of myself and my current environment and visualizing the future environment I envision myself living in. More creative thought peppered with that critical plan of action along with the question: “what can I do better?”. I ‘m still doing what I did when I was in the class so far as exercises are concerned. I’m reading T J Wattles, Napoleon Hill, and standing Tall, There’s a few more that I can’t name but all are of significant value. If I took this course another 5 times I’d chalk it up to it being a never ending part of my commencement, just as the rest of my life surely is. As long as I continue being that Enthusiastic Adventurer and think and see myself in a different way, I win.



  1. Allen, you definitely are a winner. You have accomplished a lot and your change within is so inspiring and encouraging to others. If you persist, do the exercises. do your sit, do your Franklin Makeover, and flash your cards you will continually be blessed. Keep on keeping on! Thanks for sharing your weekly experiences by continuing to write your blogs. I enjoy them and they inspire me. Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


  2. Allen, Have you written a blog lately? I believe I have read everyone you’ve written & I get an email of any new post. I just went through my email and haven’t seen a new post. You writing is so inspiring I have missed reading your blogs. So I encourage you to write a new blog– maybe one for your mother for Mother’s Day. This is just a suggestion and I know it is totally up to you. Have a productive week. Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


    1. Hi Eulaine, just posted another one. I just wanted to say how grateful I am to be a part of a mastermind. Thank you soooo much for believing in me. Happy Mothers day❤️


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