masterkey experience week 9 : momentum

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone. In it’s aftermath I look back and celebrate that Wednesday evening at 11:59 pm and counting going into Thursday 12:00am. Whoopie! I successfully completed my 7 Day Mental Diet task. Easy it was not. After constant restarts with each one from my perspective being a blessing in disguise in retrospect. Each setback and restart revealing a new discovery about my thoughts and feelings and learning how to seize control of them. With the help of performing the previous weeks’ task of watching no TV and no opinions, I realized that I was building up momentum to finally conquer adversity and reach my goal. By not accepting failure as payment for my struggle and constantly paving the way for my future self with the help of reciting affirmations with emotion constantly and using some advanced techniques from the Masterkey System, I ‘ve convinced subby that I can be what i will to be. With all of the quirky situations and circumstances that we go through during Thanksgiving week and accepting things as they are and not what we wish them to be, I was able to still be engaged with my business, maintain a harmonious atmosphere with friends and family no opinions, (ok I slipped a few times), and most importantly keeping a strong connection by visualizing my future self everyday creating a clearer picture of the person I intend to become, doing the exercises. I look at all of this as being a precursor of the challenges that will follow with every step towards success. If I can’t deal with these obstacles now without making any excuses I certainty won’t be ready for any ensuing opportunities in the future. So I just keep cranking up the momentum and using the Law of Growth, and Practice. The best is yet to come.


masterkey experience week 8: self control

Self Control was something I thought I had a handle on…..that is until this week. I found out that I needed to develop more of this virtue. This is something that I’m thankful to have observed. I believe that honesty is the best policy, and that the truth shall set you free. No TV for 7 consecutive days. Doing great with that one. No Opinions. Great with that also. Still got a challenge with the 7 DAY MENTAL DIET. I realized that the TV was a convenient form of distraction that served the old subby well in it’s attempts to keep things as they are mentally and emotionally. Now I’m forced into a corner to deal with my own thoughts in a positive way without any outside influence, so I don’t break the vow of completing the 7 day mental diet. 2 steps forward, 1 step back, but Success is immanent as long as I persist in completing this mission of the mind and heart. The one thing that I’m enjoying is all of the hidden discoveries that are surfacing and breaking that cement off I acquired through the years and exposing that golden glow of my inner self bit by bit. When, how and where did I miss that turn towards my future self? All 3 of these tasks ( NO OPNIONS, NO TV FOR 7 DAYS, 7 DAY MENTAL DIET) that seem like head bangers are ingeniously put together for the sole purpose of getting people focused on manifesting a Positive Bias mentality, accepting and loving challenges, focusing on things we want instead of things we don’t want, plus making a serious commitment to become more familiar with our future self, while constantly idealizing and visualizing our future environment, and lifestyle. I’m consciously on red alert until what I think and do become absorbed into my subconscious and become an habitual routine. Understanding why you’re DOING something and the rewards that follow are astounding and much to be grateful for.

I’ve stopped all thought of anything that is not constructive towards manifesting the realities of my DMP period. I meticulously made sure that my Press release mirrored pretty much what my DMP stated. As I read my Press Release, while I was sitting outside on a bench by the school yesterday, it seemed so real that I felt I was living that experience. After I finished, I was actually disorientated as to where I was, and what day it was. As I stood up, I felt woozy and had to gather myself and remember where I was! Totally awesome. Connecting the dots dot by dot is forming a new reality that is so real. By throwing myself all in with full faith and belief unconditionally, the journey becomes one of wonder and excitement each day at a time. The Law of Dual Thought, Substitution, Forgiveness, and Relaxation are all vital tools to rely on every day. This week has provided my the opportunity see how each works hand in hand. Self Control is one virtue that cannot be ignored. Without it, it’s just a word people know about but fail to realize it’s true significance. Put that together with Enthusiasm along with these 4 mental laws of the Universe and it becomes a mind blowing, self fulfilling experience.

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No Opinions, 7 day mental diet, DMP. Week 7 has been like the “hump week ” of the course for me. Just like people like to call Wednesday at work hump day during a 5 day work week. I got shown a lesson on manifesting Poise & Patience. You know how people look forward to that mental point of demarcation when Wednesday arrives, and start looking forward to the final 2 days before the weekend enters and get a chance to “recharge” their minds and bodies for the next upcoming week. Well I confidently went into this week with that mindset of looking at this as pivotal point in the course where I would just “ace” this week and keep moving upwards and onwards. Oops, forgot how life is ever changing from day to day with a different set of circumstances and situations.

Well firstly, my DMP had to be revised again. Ok, my reaction to that was a positive one because this week I’m applying the 7 Day Mental Diet, so any negative thoughts about that would mean I’d have to start all over again. Plus understanding with each setback that I encounter, I get closer to successfully writing my DMP. ‘ Need that map so I can navigate successfully through turbulent and quiet times. I was doing well with not giving no opinions. So from last Sunday up to Tuesday of this week I’m OK. Tuesday afternoon is when I slipped up at the Supermarket. I confidently went in and got my shopping cart an started walking down the aisles just reciting my Blueprint builder. Hey, I’m thinking, ” I’m taking the initiative to do my exercises any anywhere”. I got to the Deli to order some cold cuts. I along with other people must have waited 15 minutes or more to get serviced. Nobody around. Just then, one of the people complained, and me being sympathetic to their complaints, blurted out an opinion with was followed with “damm, I shouldn’t have given an opinion.”. It was then that I realized that I should’ve exercised more Patience while I waited to get serviced and also exhibited a certain amount of Poise from within, keeping calm even though I knew I gave an Opinion. I was a bit ticked off for what seemed like to 2 days of wasted effort gone down the drain. I realized that I was so caught up in not making a mistake instead of having a mindset of thinking positive thoughts and enjoying every moment whether it was unpleasant or pleasant. I realized this moment as being a microcosm of how life can be every day no matter how big or small the situation might be. Poise and Patience does matter. I was was then able to laugh at how I reacted and realized that every thing I observe and hold myself accountable for only brings me closer my authentic self.

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masterkey experience week 6: giving the best of my best

Well, week 6 has been a week filled with thoughtful insights that are chipping away at any vestiges of cement that are a still hidden in the recesses of my mind. Most of my actions are now governed by my intentions, and discernments. It is only now on my 3rd time taking this course am I seeing myself unraveling mysteries that I had no answer for. Just before writing this blog a thought came into my mind to read the Law of Compensation. As I was reading it, all of the sudden I felt my song writing skills coming back to me. I realized that I never lost them, but they were only buried under a ton of cement. The message of Giving and Receiving along with letting go of the things in the past that are of now use and undermine any attempts at moving forward. My intentions now are to leave no stone unturned, no crevice left uninspected, as this earnest or burning desire is consuming every fiber of my being. I don’t see this course as a mere class, but as a gift of love from Mark Davene, and all of the staff. An opportunity to a life of purpose, affluence, happiness and love are now in my grasp. No opinions….hmmm. All the previous times I carried this exercise out I looked it as just me not being engaged because hey, as an observer, I would be admitting that I’m a control nut. also. But the real hidden benefit here what I discovered is that I’m actually letting go of any attachment of anything that I really didn’t need AND free of worrying about any outcome of anything I willed myself to be. I let thast wash all over me…whew. I also felt a void that needed to be filled with something of value, henceforth…my DMP.

Well like most Thursday until this one, I would always get that email instructing me to revise my DMP. I didn’t get one. So I’m assuming that I’m good to go. Hooray🤸‍♀️. When I read it, I feel this intense swelling of emotions that I can’t describe other than pure joy. I know how difficult this task can seem, even though in past years my DMP’s were accepted. For some inexplicable reason this time is the best of the best. I feel like that team player being welcomed from the MIGHTY ALL to start receiving and using that omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient power with proper use, practice, courage, faith, and persistence and enjoying every minute of what I do. In other worlds, I got the map, the blueprint. I’m not sailing along like a rudderless ship. I realize writing down what you want correctly sets the invisible forces in motion. I have pinned on my wall the 17 Principles of Success that I got from reading Success through a Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill ( great book). I look at it every day. I’m having fun creating my Dream Board which will be completed shortly, and also my colors and shapes. As I’m doing them, I reflect back on the days when as a kid drawing dinosaurs on all my homework, and how my teacher complained to my mom who was a teacher herself, She immediately bought home construction paper from her school where she taught and on Saturday morning’s I would draw to my heart’s content. That’s what I’m feeling again, willing to give the best of my best. Failure no longer is my payment for struggle😎

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