Week 9 – Manifesting Our Sofa

What we don’t use truly atrophies. Masterkey Experience

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In this week’s lesson Haanel gives us the exercise of visualizing a plant from unseen to seen. And he describes the process of the visualization exercise in precise detail in 9.32.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about manifestation, the process of making something evident, or perceptible, especially to our five senses.

Perhaps the best description I’ve ever come across of the manifestation process can be found in Machaelle Small Wright’s book, Co-Creative Science, A Revolution in Science Providing Real Solutions For Today’s Health & Environment. (pages 95 through 102)

Machaelle pioneered a way to work with what she calls Nature Intelligence in co-creating and manifesting.

She describes three dynamics to manifestation. Like Haanel, she emphasizes the high level of focus, the intensity of focus, required to manifest.

Clarity of thought and visualization were key”, she says. They are the foundation of manifestation in the first dynamic…

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Week 9. Thanksgiving, uh-oh stay focused. I got a chance to really see how far I’ve come from week 1 up to now. This Thanksgiving was a far cry from last year’s one. Every week I’ve turned up the intensity of being faithful to this course with a belief that this will be one of the most important things I’ve ever done in my life, and the rewards are starting to manifest themselves from small things to big things. In last’s week blog, I stated that a wonderful opportunity dropped itself right into my lap. I didn’t have the capital to take advantage, and I was for a moment disappointed. I quickly got back on track and continued on with my exercises and constantly looked in the mirror and told myself that some solution would come to pass and do not entertain any negative thoughts. Well this past Tuesday, I get a call from one of my mentors stating that they would help me with the costs that came with this opportunity and I could pay them back later! Huge! I couldn’t believe it! I could feel tears of joy roll down my face as I sat down and realized what just happened. Every circumstance that seems like a roadblock is being overcome by  ideas that are mysteriously popping up in my mind. Consciously working daily on the 7 day Mental Diet linked with reading scroll 9 in The Greatest Salesman, Masterkey Blueprint builder, has opened up a door of living life with a purpose on purpose.  In one of my previous blogs, I wrote about a funny cartoon called Going Down, starring Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam. Sam couldn’t have any negative thoughts or outbursts in order to collect his million dollar inheritance. In the very end Sam demonstrates how he has learned how to control his negative emotions and thoughts by presenting three gentlemen in front of Bugs. The first guy hits him with a rolling-pin, the next, a pie thrown in his face, and the last one constantly kicking him. He looks at Bugs Bunny and says with a smile, “see rabbit, I don’t get mad anymore”. This best describes how I now feel. The atmosphere at home is more harmonious. During all of the confusion that occurred while doing my Thanksgiving shopping, everyone that I encountered I greeted with a smile and a compliment, and was promptly greeted with a smile. I immediately remembered that these were the same things taught to me as a child that somehow got buried by the cement that I acquired through the years. I was totally astonished! Even Murphy ( Murphy’s Law) couldn’t rattle me. If something unexpectedly happened, ( oops, I inadvertently damaged one of the meat trays in the refrigerator! Got a lot of grief from the boss: My fiancée), along with other things that made me look like a bull in a china shop, were all dealt with in a positive way. Now each day is greeted with some new discovery, or what” good thing” is going to happen today as opposed to what “wrong thing” is going to happen today. Well that’s all for now, because I’ve got to jump on the Service that I promised to perform before the 29th of this month. Life is beautiful. I’m starting to gain momentum.


Week 8 has been a true test of my faith. 4:12 in the Masterkey lesson states that “ If you do not intend to do a thing, do not start; If you do start, see it through even if the heavens fall; If you make up your mind to do something, let nothing, no one interfere, The “I” in you has determined, the thing is settled; the die is cast, there is no longer any argument”. This was a profound statement for me, and certainly one that I always have kept in mind. Yesterday was a total disaster when I tried to explain what it is was that I was doing and how it would be of great benefit for everyone including myself. Since my habits have changed drastically, and the shapes and colors that they noticed around the apartment, looked childish to them, they thought I had joined some occult following, and could not see any significance in what I was doing. They immediately said that they did not want to be associated in any part of this undertaking which led to a big argument. I was dismayed for a while, and I was even more perturbed because I had to start my 7 Day Mental Diet all over again!!  Then on top of that, a great opportunity presented itself to me that I wanted badly only to find out that I needed a certain amount of capital to get started which I didn’t posses. Double whammy!! Now under normal circumstances (the old me), I would have turned the TV on, watched something to take my mind off of that, and start feeling sorry for myself. But Wait! I can’t watch TV for seven days! Now I had to deal with this right now while being in the silence of a dark room all by myself. I went to sleep for a few hours and when I woke up, I said to myself, “ I’m the star of this movie. If I were watching this on TV, I would be hollering, “don’t give up now, you’re getting closer to your dream than you think!”. While watching this important segment in the movie, I would be shaking my head back and forth saying, “Pleaseeeee…. don’t give up, I’m your biggest fan, I’m rooting for you. what you’re experiencing, and the fact that you won’t give up, will inspire me to do great things!  I’ve seen countless movies where the hero or heroine is faced with what seems to be insurmountable odds, road blocks, that we don’t have clue as to how they’re going to overcome these challenges. Then what seems like divine intervention taking place, all of a sudden circumstance, or a person, event, presents itself and the hero or heroine recognizes at that moment the solution to their impasse and takes the necessary action and goes on to accomplish they’re dream. I then immediately turned on my lamp and started reading Og, my Dmp, The Guy in the Glass, index cards and my Bible. All of the sudden the negative feeling I had disappeared. I’m so thankful for understanding how to be an observer of myself at all times. I pepper myself all day with nothing but positive thoughts and concentrate on my next plan of action. As I do my everyday sit and imagine myself sitting down with a friend of my mine, telling him about all these wonderful things that I wrote in my DMP, my excitement from actually visualizing this, energizes me in a way that truly astonishes me. The more I do it, clearer the picture gets with more detail added to it each time I do my sit. My subconscious is starting to accept this thought as being true. I know this because of the way I feel and believe it. So until next time, I’m going to keep on truckin’












Week 7: oh boy! No negative thoughts?!!

We 7 is a serious challenge

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I will admit this week has been a serious challenge. No negative thoughts?!! Election week for the United States, and we have the most challenging candidate choices ever– no negative thoughts?!! (SIGH)

That is the outer world, the world of politics, and I will admit it has been challenging. I didn’t realize how hard the inner world would be as well. I guess I was a little too confident because the “no opinions” homework was easier for me, I saw almost immediate returns in my perspective. I saw on day two how having no opinions made me more curious, so it became more easy to do.

No negative thought is a huge challenge for me. Having a recent personal crisis that is still not resolved does not make it any easier. Besides that, I didn’t realize HOW negative I am on a daily basis. I thought I had improved since…

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Well week 7 has definitely been a week of challenge. It’s like being on an expressway where the flow of traffic (my thoughts and habits) are moving at 50 mph within a 65 mph speed limit zone. Everything is moving at a respectable speed, but not exceeding the speed limit. All of the sudden I see my exit sign: WEEK 7. As I take the off ramp exit to WK 7, the traffic (my thoughts and habits) start to slow down dramatically.  The flow of traffic becomes condensed. It’s still moving but at a slower pace. Once I get off of this off ramp and continue on WK 7, the flow of traffic becomes much better after a while with me moving up to 60 mph within a 70 mph speed limit. NO OPINIONS, AND THE 7 DAY MENTAL DIET (major construction sites) are the culprits for the reduction of speed while I was on the off ramp. While I’m practicng having no opinions, I think about the unfortunate barber in Greek Mythology who discovered that King Midas had donkey ears and could tell no one what he saw. What a burden he must have carried! Major obstacle to overcome. I got a glimpse of what it would be like at least for almost one day, how I would think and feel. OUT OF THIS WORLD! Positive thoughts and ideas seemed to have an endless flow, then all of a sudden, screech, a negative thought, got to start over again. Sometimes I feel that if I were to just go off to a deserted island and just meditate for the complete 7 days it would be no problem. Unfortunately I have to come back to reality and realize this is the REAL WORLD that I’m dealing with. It’s a good thing that I’m really getting into the habit of laughing at myself and not taking me too seriously. No negative thoughts or emotional displays…….hmmm, how do I complete this challenge? Well I remembered this cartoon with Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam called Going Down. Now some cartoons might seem like nothing more than just entertainment for children, but under a closer examination of this one, there’s still an underlying theme that is really present: how hard it is to do the mental labor that so few are willing to do. Bugs (7 day mental diet) tells Sam (me) that he is the heir to $1,000,000 (control of my thoughts, feelings, behavior=I can be what I will to be= I have the Midas touch with anything that I set out to do and complete.) left behind by a deceased rich relative. Yosemite Sam (me) gets very excited when he hears this news. But there’s one very important stipulation: in order to obtain these riches he (me) can’t have any negative thoughts or outbursts. Well Sam (me) says to himself, ” this can’t be too hard”, and agrees to the terms. As the cartoon progresses, Bugs starts peppering Sam (me) constantly with all kinds of annoyances ( life’s everyday thoughts and situations) to undermine his chances of obtaining that $1,000,000. When I think about this cartoon, (Law of dual thought) I laugh and it’s makes things more enjoyable for me and keeps me in a positive flow. I don’t watch or listen to anything that might incur a negative response. Is this easy? By no Wayyyyyy…….., but when this is accomplished, the payback is Huge. I’m

getting a clearer understanding of what Haanel means when he says,” Labor, the hard mental labor of change. The kind of effort that so few are willing to put forth”. This where faith, feelings and belief come into play, it is these things that strengthen an individual. I have to do what Aaron Rogers told folks: RELAX


Well week 6 has been a week of really putting the pedal to the metal. Why with so many things to do during the course of just 1 day, I’m starting to feel the pressure of performing all of the tasks of MKMMA at my BEST, not doing the best I can, but putting 100% effort in everything I do, along with everything else I have to do ( sometimes I feel like I have to pull a rabbit out of my hat aka…. Rocky and Bullwinkle). Now when I started this course, I said to myself, ” I want a better, different life than the one I have”. With that being said, it meant that all of the certain things that I made a promise to commit to finish, I have to hold myself accountable for what I promised. I observed that I was still so used to life continuing the way it always had been, but I’m finding out when things start to change even slowly at first that things do change. You know there are some songs we hear that have some fantastic lyrics that resonate in us and make us really accept that what we’re hearing is the real deal when it comes to issues that we inevitably have to deal with. One particular one that really hit home for me while I was sitting thinking about what I would write in this blog is called Everything Must Change. There were a few truths that really made me sit back and think. “Everything must change, nothing stays the same, mystery’s to unfold. Winter changes to Spring, it’s the Law of Time, everything must change. I feel really happy that things are changing but sometimes I feel like a New York City (I live in NY) subway commuter stuck in the evening rush hour. I can barely move because it’s so crowded. Everytime the train pulls into another station I patiently wait to see if anyone gets off so the congestion in the train starts to dissipate. When it eventually does start to clear out, I start to relax and if I’m lucky I might get a seat. I can see my old self with its arms crossed, tapping their feet on the ground (you know that disgusted look, and posture your parents had when they just had enough of your shenanigans), saying to me, “really? This is getting ridiculous, I like it better the way it was”. I’m starting see things differently, there’s more harmony at home. The old jokester in me is back ( much to the chagrin of some family members because I can wear out a joke until it’s not funny, but it is what it is). So the subway thing is pretty much in a nutshell how I’m dealing with all this new stuff going on. Practice, enjoy…..Practice, enjoy. Oh, by the way, I’M STILL LOVING IT.277971-don-t-look-back-you-re-not-going-that-way