I believe that a persistent practice of fundamentals provides a state of stability that provides success for anyone who wants to continually experience growth in any endeavor they embark on. Fundamentals provide that critical foundation of self-assuredness and knowledge that makes and keeps us strong, confident, vibrant, and always keeps us on the path of correct thinking, new ideas, strong character. Without it, there’s no stability in anything that we do. If we have a weak foundation we can only go as far as that foundation can carry us, often falling short of what we would like to be, have or do, without a clue as to what we should do next.

I like this definition of Fundamentals: a basic principle, rule, law, or the like that serves as the groundwork of a system; an essential part. All through school from the 1st grade to the 12th grade we start start out with the basic fundamentals of reading writing, arithmetic. As we reach another grade level, we learn more, etc. In other words we don’t advance unless we have acquired a thorough understanding of the knowledge taught to us in the grade we’re currently in. Our minds experience tremendous growth. We’re constantly reminded of how important it is to get an education from our parents and society. If we really do the work, we’re rewarded with special skillsets that are valuable tools when we go out to make a life for ourselves in he corporate world. We need these fundamentals in order to survive in the society we live in.

But there’s another set of fundamentals that are just as important as the ones we acquired in school. These fundamentals are of a different nature. These fundamentals exits in the realm of the invisible where true power is obtained and reigns supreme to anyone who dares to venture out of the ordinary and the mediocre and sees how things really are as opposed to what they appear to look like. One fundamental truth is that if we have a Positive Mental Attitude- Definite Major Purpose-Written Plan of Action-Mastermind Alliance of 2 or more People will equal Success. Another truth is that mind is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent. Creative thought is what creates the dynamo that churns the energy thus creating all circumstances whether good or bad (Law of Attraction). When a person becomes a self-reliant thinker using the powers of inductive thinking, intuition, visualization, idealization, he or she does not let their sense of sight betray them when they see the same things in a different manner from others. The true Fundamentalist who thinks in this manner will always take responsibility for their actions making no excuses, but always being the captain of their ship. They see opportunity where others see none. Their not afraid to be different. Any slippage or leakage in their ship can quickly be identified and repaired because they have a strong working knowledge of the fundamentals that the have made their own. They recognize that happiness and laughter are the maidens that serve them. They know that they are Whole, Perfect, Powerful, Strong, Loving, Harmonious and Happy. Last and the most important Fundamental of them all: without Love all the skills and knowledge are utterly worthless to the possessor. Fundamentals are the launchpad for the unlimited and perpetual success in health wealth and love.


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