masterkey experience week 11: plowing forward

As I’m moving forward each day I look at all tasks at hand for only that particular day and bring forth my best effort get them done. Whether it be staying on track with my service of the week, along with my sit, readings, visualizations, thoughts, I’m getting used to performing them at a high level of consistency. I’m even getting better at my typing skills😁. And most importantly trusting the process of stepping into that role of my future self. After 2 months of working on my DMP and the approval of my guide, I finally hit paydirt with successfully achieving my goal of writing an effective DMP that makes the hair on my arm stand up. By adding my Press release into this gumbo soup of powerful tools I see everything much differently when it comes seeing what my true purpose in life is and living a life filled with purpose. I find myself using the correct worlds to express myself to others in a positive powerful way that I see people respond to in a very positive fashion. It makes me become more aware of seeing opportunity coming to me through the most unlikely ways. A shot of inspiration, a casual conversation, inductive thinking, being grateful for anything everyday, and being filled with…….ENTHUSIASM, are all things that I see as important trends that I feel more impowered with. When I break down every sentence in my blueprint builder and give thought to what I’m really affirming and linking them to my experience in achieving my smart goals, it’s all about my true intentions and being compliant to universal mind and law, and finally, being of service to others. It feels so great to know that there are a set of immutable laws that I can use for my benefit. So each day, I get better than the day before, no matter how small it might seem, but I know that I’m chopping down that mighty oak tree one chop at a time😎

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One thought on “masterkey experience week 11: plowing forward

  1. Allen, How exciting to see growth in yourself and your desires moving forward each day. It’s also wise that you ‘ve learned to focus on the tasks that needs to be accomplished only that day so that you can bring forth your best effort to get them completed. Being grateful everyday for the opportunities that you have had and being enthusiastic about whatever life throws at you that day. It’s wonderful that you you recognize too your true intentions, being compliant to universal mind, acknowledging the benefits of immutable laws, and finally being of service to others. Congratulations on learning how to apply all of these skills and watching their results. It is pretty amazing! Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine

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