As I continue my fantastic heroes’ journey and commencement I find myself thirsting for more knowledge, more self discovery, faith, belief, Positive mental bias, and just being happy and grateful for everything I see and experience. Everything I do now is about paving the way for my future self. Now one thing I promised myself that I would always do when I write a blog is to be as transparent about my experiences whether they be good or bad. This week has been a week filled with challenges galore. The only difference about the challenges I face are not from the course ( we celebrated our graduation last Sunday on our final webinar) but life’s everyday challenges. I feel like that student who just graduated from college and is ready to embark on obtaining a masters’ degree in the next phase of their growth and level of education. Now, I’m staying to myself, “now is the time, I am the man”. I got up this morning filled with energy, and purpose. I have found ways to be engaged in all my training at various points throughout the day, and most important, being the observer. My cellphone has become a tool of great value as I have Hannel’s Masterkey Experience lessons on it, OG’s The Greatest Salesman, TJ Wattles The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Well, and The Science of Being Great along with literature from Napoleon Hill, and James Allen. My new habit now is me always being conscious of being compliant with Universal Law and Mind. I actually enjoy the heck out of doing this. Problems are inexplicably being solved, good things are happening out of the blue. The most beautiful feeling that I now have is a sense of expectation of the things I desire, being kind, and happy. Today as I came out of the supermarket, I paused for a moment and looked up at the beautiful sky and realized that for this moment everything I see is a miracle. I couldn’t conjure up one negative thought! I thought to myself and realized that I’m living my new reality right now and I’m just getting started. The week started out like a violent storm and ended like a sunny day on the beach. Being an observer of myself and others along with noticing nature is showing me something new everyday. I am the teacher and the student.šŸ˜Ž

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2 thoughts on “BEING THE OBSERVER

  1. Wow, Allen! What an amazing blog post. I love that you have all those wisdom words in hands’ reach…and are clearly using them, fitting them into your day. Your joy just vibrates out. Thank you!


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