Well this week has been a week of me being consumed with a barrage of tasks, appointments, obligations. I’m not gonna lie, it was a tough week full of additional challenges just waiting in line to come forth. Other than me writing this blog on Saturday ( oops, please forgive me Mark and Davene) I’ve still managed to be on point with the lessons which I am now constantly integrating into my everyday life as my new normal behaviors and thoughts. This understanding is definitely making this whole process move along more seamlessly, along I now that they’ll be bumps in the road. I mean, how will I grow without them? I’m becoming grateful for obstacles and challenges. I remind myself that this journey is not a sprint to the finish line, but a long distance run that requires endurance, patience, hard, work, and growth. The Franklin Makeover is the big catalyst that will add more fuel to dynamo which is me. Can’t wait to see what other observations of virtues we will be instructed to observe. I can see from my constant reading and sits I do in the morning before I do any else is creating new peptides from my hypothalamus to the other parts of my brain creating new neural pathways that are creating my future self. I know now for a fact, that new brain cells are being created to receive new information. I’m so grateful to see how the household is filled more with harmony and laughter. I’m pushing myself more physically with my morning exercises to the brink of my body screaming out for relief. I’m observing a certain threshold or that proverbial “wall” that I encounter, and how I successfully enter a phase where my body shifts into another gear. I realize that I’m accomplishing this through the power of my mind due to the constant training and applications. Mentally, I see the exact thing happening. I’m constantly seeking more knowledge and discovery of my self, others and various situations that will propel me to reach the goals I have set to achieve everything in my DMP and step into the wonderful things I have accomplished in my Press Release. The way I’m visualizing my DMP and Press Release are becoming more and more clearer. I feel like I’m on a ship setting a course for a definite destination. Since I’m a musician, I never realized what I was actually doing and how important it is to be truly conscious of the Spiritual power we all possess. Having the skill and the ability to call upon the infinite. Out of that formless substance or plasticity, create a thought and have that thought, vision, feeling, flow through me to my instrument and produce matter in the form of music I feel is a truly incredible miracle. To truly be great at what you do requires a huge amount of attention leading to concentration and exercising the Law of Practice. I see my life continuing this same way due to my experience in MKE. I’m lagging behind a bit in the Digital connections, but I will make up that distance shortly. Also , I can’t say enough about observing and enjoying nature. I’m always including in my gratitude cards something about nature. I was fortunate enough to grow up in North Carolina with nature surrounding me. I love how nature goes into action as the spring arrives. I love hearing the sweet music the birds make in the morning with their chirping, the trees budding, the grass growing. I’m learning how to control my moods, and bring the spring, summer, and autumn, in my life everyday filled with beauty and perfection😎🚀. My business is moving along quite well and I’m enjoying the journey. I see nothing but clear skies ahead🚙🛺🚕.

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4 thoughts on “CLEAR SKIES

  1. Allen, I loved reading this post so much I recommended it to Davene as deserving consideration for “BLOG OF THE WEEK” honors. Congrats! 🙂


    1. I’m truly humbled and grateful to even be considered for such an incredible consideration for a blog of the week opportunity. Thank you so much for reading my blog.


  2. Allen, good for you for becoming more of your desired best self each day. I have enjoyed very much reading your blogs. Thank you. Best to you. From your blog rover friend John.


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