As the weeks pass by from my graduation, I’m finding myself immersed in my commencement phase of my fantastic heroes’ journey. Scroll 7 has been the chapter to read this month. The emphasis on this chapter is about laughing at the world and not taking myself too seriously. One of the things that is repeatedly stressed in Hannels’ Masterkey Lesson book is developing a consciousness of the true power that we really possess and having the ability to call upon these powers at a moments notice. Being an astute observer of myself is keeping the conscious part of my mind the “guardian of the gate” of my subconscious mind. Every time I complete everything I’m supposed to do for that day, I find myself celebrating as if I’ve just won the lottery🤸🏽‍♂️. I can’t tell you enough of how it feels to be consistent and give it my all everyday when it comes to creating a new reality. One step at a time being executed with precision. This chapter is definitely one I can relate to. I’ve always been that person making people laugh at my silly pranks and jokes about situations, people, and even myself. Until I read this chapter, I never knew the importance of incorporating laughter in my life ( I’m still afflicted with this wonderful malady…ha ha ha) The best thing that I’m aware of is that each small incremental step I make takes root in my subconscious and becomes part of my flesh, or put another way, is creating a new canvas sheet for me. I can see how important it is to be conscious of the wonderful things we possess that are actually powerful tools we can use at a whim. This morning I reflected on a thought I had. Over this past weekend, I went with family to the museum of art. I was stunned at the beauty of the paintings, the meticulous crafting’s of the sculptures and artifacts on display by ancient as well as modern civilizations from all over the world. It was really a great experience. It came to me in my imagination as me visualizing myself as being an artist looking at 2 artist canvas sheets. One canvas sheet had nothing on it. The other sheet had already been finished with a painting that I could not alter or paint anything new on it. If I tried to embellish anything on this painting , the brush strokes would look completely different. The texture of the paint I would use would not match the texture of paint used by the original painter. If I stood back and looked at how the painting now looked, I could see all the inconsistency’s in the painting. UGH, what a chaotic mess this painting would look like. Now, let’s move over to the blank canvas. Major advantages just jump out immediately in my mind. Now on this canvas sheet, I get the opportunity to create my on painting. Everything is created and transferred from my mind and hands into a beautifully harmonious painting. I’m a creator. The strokes from the paint brush are even. Each color magically blends in with the other. When I stand back and look at this painting, I’m immediately captivated by the artwork. Everything in the painting looks magical, as if some higher power had guided the painters brush stokes exactly the way the picture was meant to look like. No one else could come close to duplicating the same thing. This is the way I see creating a new “new me” is all about. Most of my past experiences, behaviors, and thoughts must be eliminated. While I’m in this part of my journey, When I think of this period I’m experiencing of deep, immeasurable space, gulf, cavity, or vast chasm called the Abyss, it doesn’t feel like such a dreadful place to momentarily be in. It’s a place of transformational growth. I’m a fighter. The big difference now is learning how to be a conqueror the right way. Follow my bliss. This is just one of the ways that MKE has taught me how to look at certain things and circumstances differently than others. Boy what a joy it is to realize this fact.😎



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