MKMMA Week Twenty

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My Master Keys Experience

Aloha nui:) We’re at week 20 of our MKMMA na’au/soul-opening adventure and it has definitely been a continuous ride of wonder, releasing of old habits, death, re-birth, accepting new habits, expansion of self, lovingly embracing myself as I AM natures greatest miracle. Our daily blueprint-building ha’awina ho’oma’ama’a/lessons/exercises has become wonderful habits in my daily life…mahalo piha!!!

fullsizerender-6Being the observer each week in the Franklin Makeover: week 7, my word is Discipline. Webster’s Dictionary: Discipline, noun, 1. training that develops self-control, character, or efficiency. 2. the result of such training; orderly conduct. 3. submission to authority and control. 4. a particular system of rules or methods. 5. treatment that corrects or punishes. Always in training  particularly in our daily ha’awina ho’oma’ama’a. Mahalo to my mentor, Jim Tait, in challenging me in mastering the sit for this next week 20 minutes a day. Hiki no!

fullsizerender-5The Master Key – Part…

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