Week 24 is actually the commencement of this course going forth in my everyday life from here on with the completion of this course. It’s been  a week of learning how to master the Law of Least effort. It’s been a struggle with this one but I’m confident that I will master it with practice. I’m happy to have actually come to the finish line with this course, and now the new thoughts and habits will definitely crystallize as each day, week, year passes by. I don’t have that much to say in this blog other than I thank Paul,my certified guide, Mark J and Devene, all of the other fantastic Blogs that I read that were so inspiring. I enjoyed being involved in our mastermind groups. I felt like I was a part of a special family. It really takes a lot of courage to do something that you believe in when others are so opposed to what you’re doing. I know that my true authentic self will come out in full bloom with constant work and persistence. I will highly recommend this course to anyone who wants something more out of their life. It already has changed my way of thinking for the better.


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