As this course is winding down to the final stretch, Week 23 has been a week of more and more discovery. Every week that has passed and come to this point has made me more observant of myself. This week we are supposed to implement the Law of Least Effort into our daily lives. I liken this experience to that of being a farmer tilling the soil for the upcoming harvest in order to plant the fruit and flowers in their garden. I used to do this every year when I lived in Charlotte, N.C. I can remember never relishing that time of the year because it called for a lot of physical work. Even though by doing this, the results of my efforts produced beautiful flowers and fruits and vegetables that were eaten and some preserved in mason jars that could be eaten in the winter time. I just disliked doing the work because while I working, I could hear my friends playing outside and having a good time while I labored in the yard preparing the soil.

I used this scenario as an example because all through the course I’ve been tilling the soil (my mind) so I can reap the benefits of a good harvest ( the future me) and let the beauty of the flowers (harmony, happiness, wealth, good health) shine out for me to experience as well as being of benefit to others (being of service). Some things were happily discovered while other things were discovered after experiencing frustration, anxiety, and discomfort. In order to make this happen I had to till the soil and then take a rake (Masterkey Experience lessons, Flash Cards, The Sit, The Greatest Salesmen, Blueprint Builder, DMP, Positive Mental Attitude, Plan of Action, Mastermind Alliance) to separate the weeds, rocks, etc.. (former thoughts beliefs, actions, behaviour) and get rid of these things so I can enjoy a bountiful harvest.

Although I did this in N.C., I never did it with a happy knack! I can’t explain it throughly, but all I know is that the moment I embraced this Law of Least effort I felt this big rock disappear from my shoulders! Accepting people, circumstances, situations, was like the personification of a Large individual equipped with array of weapons, busting in a room crowded with  folks called fear, doubt, frustration, and forcefully telling them that they must vacate the premises immediately or else! I can see all these folks in the room angry and terrified. They put up a fierce fight, but in the end they surrendered and waved the white flag. It was like they were making their last stand just like the 300 Spartans did with the Persians.

I watched Joseph Campbell”s video about Mythology, and it put a lot of things in perspective for me and peeled off some more of that Fear cement. You see, ever since I was about 14yrs old, I always had an obsession with mythology. Now I can remember going to church from the age of about 7 or 8. Back then the only concept that was ever discussed in the household was man’s spiritual connection to Jesus Christ and God (which I still truly believe), but I was always felt that it was wrong of me to hold as much interested in Mythology as I held in my Sunday school teachings. Now I find out that what I was doing was doing was OK. Also was my fascination with Nature. I never realized how much I was already consciously connected to nature and it’s abundance. People from the city always made jokes about me being a “country guy”. For some reason I always loved the smell of grass, trees, the sound of birds, crickets and the smell of the morning dew. So too, I never realized until I listened to Joseph Campbell how much I was really fascinated with the Hero’s Journey. The character in a particular story went through all kinds of obstacles to finally realize their true self and purpose in life. I was always fascinated with the reluctant hero at their beginning, first undertaking the journey and the amazing transformation that occurred after they encountered the abyss and came out transformed to their higher self. So too was I fascinated at the person who had a dream and never gave up until  their dream became a reality. I now see that it was my true desire all the time since I was 14 to encounter that same experience.

Now SINCE I realize that this course is a commencement to the future me that I always yearned for, I can RELAX and enjoy achieving what I set out to do with a happy knack. I know that there will be obstacles to overcome, but now I welcome them for they now are my challenge. It’s not about, “what do I do now that the course is finished, or I didn’t accomplish everything I said I was going to do”. Now, it’s no more trying to fit in the world without, but following my heart, trusting myself, and going after my true purpose, and living a life with purpose. It just seems more like a fantastic adventure full of wonder and surprise , and LIFE

. It is now like me being 10yrs. old again thinking that anything I want to do is possible. So now I let Fear wave the white flag of defeat.





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