As I commence to write this week 22A blog, I see myself on this spaceship called the FUTURE ME EXPRESS. I commenced this journey almost 6 months ago. The planet that I launched from is called the Old Me. While I am on this ship, I get flashbacks on what it took to get a ticket to embark on this journey. In that moment of lift-off I kept  wondering, “what new worlds would I find?” Am I going to get lost in Space? What happens if I run out of fuel? Is this new place going to be an inhabitable place? What will I put in my reports? I remember all that energy my ship expended to escape the gravitational pull of the OLD ME planet. I was provided with certain tools and equipment only (masterkey experience lessons, greatest salesman, blueprint builder, DMP, flash cards, affirmations). Every week I was instructed to be an observer and log all this information in this computer that was just called MIND. I then asked, “well where’s my crew?” I was told that I would be making this journey alone, but I would only have contact with mission control (webcasts, certified guide, Masterkey alliances, workbook).

Now since I was out in this vast universe (abyss), and admiring the beauty that I was witnessing, I started experiencing weightlessness, and said to myself, “this is really cool!” I then realized that while I was on planet OLD ME, the gravity (OLD HABITS, THOUGHTS, BEHAVIOUR) made me expend more energy, kept me in a chaotic state of mind, and anxiety. I remembered many a time while I was on my old planet, I would always look up in the sky and wonder how it would feel if I could just take that journey. Some friends that I knew that I kept in contact with via holographic imagery said that they were where I was at one point in their life but decided not to be the reluctant hero anymore and eliminated that moment of hesitation and indecision and just went for it. Since they took the journey, we could only communicate through holographic imaging since they actually weren’t on he same planet I was still on anymore! They told me how happy they now were on this new planet. They also remarked about how all the things that tried to do and experience on that old planet now worked flawlessly on this new planet. I thought that this call was only reserved for people who were chosen to take this journey, but mission control told me that what I thought was only some misinformation that spread like wildfire throughout the planet. They informed me that this journey is available to anyone who chooses to accept this invitation!

Once I developed a level of consciousness after really understanding what this statement meant, I started to work hard to meet the requirements that would make me eligible to take this journey. It didn’t happen overnight because I didn’t realize how much baggage I had to leave behind in order to make this journey.

At this point in my adventurous space exploration, I’m noticing that my instruments are letting know that I’m almost there to planet FUTURE ME. BOY, am I really getting excited!



8 thoughts on “WEEK 22 A: THE EXPLORER

  1. I am loving how you used your imagination to build a space bridge from the planet of Old Allen to Future, Now Becoming Present Allen. This was great fun to read. Happy day and celebrating YOU. 🙂


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