It’s week 22 now, and it has truly been an unbelievable experience up to now filled with wonder, discovery, frustration, and humility. When I started this journey I was like a novice technician trying diagnose an electrical problem with an appliance without any real knowledge of 24 volt circuitry, and not having proper tools to use in order to fix the problem, along with a lot of sheer guesswork and ineptitude and zero experience. Now some folks will convince themselves that they can still pull this feat off by attempting to proceed to fix the appliance anyway even though they know  they don’t have the know-how, but their ego says “go ahead you can do it. You really don’t want to let anyone know that you can’t do it”. Well I think you know what usually happens next, disaster. Then you have some folks that are smart enough to realize that they don’t have the know-how nor the tools to complete such a task successfully and call for help.

Well when it came to making the decision to take this course I fall into the category of the second group of folks.  Sometimes it can be difficult to be brutally honest with yourself by admitting that there are some things that need changing, but every time you make an attempt it always winds back to square one, not knowing that a decision has already been made in the subconscious, even though consciously you’ve made a decision to change certain things you do. When I realized I couldn’t commit to change by myself I knew I needed some assistance. And Boy , did I get assistance!  I’ve started becoming that electrical technician who can properly diagnose any electrical problem in an appliance by (1) finding the cause, (2)having the right tools, (3) fixing the problem.

Having the right tools makes all the difference in the world. Now I have the ability and the tools to expand my comfort zone by embracing, FEAR, UNWORTHINESS, GUILT, ANGER, HURT FEELINGS, instead of avoiding them which is huge. By being the observer of yourself and how you react in any situation that will induce any of these what I call “pitfalls or stumbling blocks” and taking that intense energy and redirecting it into positive energy is huge. I have started implementing this practice into my daily life, and guess what? It actually works!

This morning started out disastrously,(or so I thought). It was payday today, and guess what? I didn’t get paid! What happened next was a sudden array of 2 distinct feelings: Fear, Anger. Now mind you this happened after my morning sit and reading of The Greatest Salesman. Fear eked in because I had bills that had to be paid, and I was angry because I was saying “why me?”. Now this lasted about 2 minutes because I realized that this could be a defining moment to excercise this practice of redirecting this negative energy into constructive energy. I actually calmed down, and remembered what it said in scroll #2 : I welcome obstacles for they are my challenge. After that I sent an email of encouragement for a speedy recovery to one of the guides in MKMMA who is ill at the time. I then continued my readings with more intensity and calmly said, ” everything’s going to be ok”. Sure enough, everything was resolved, and without going into a lot of detail, my fiance’ benefited from this experience by receiving money for herself from this so-called “disaster!” I realized that I was becoming that character Yosemite Sam who

was telling Bugs Bunny, “look rabbit, I don’t get upset anymore”, and has these 3 gentlemen hit, kick, and throw pies in his face without him getting upset anymore.

As each day comes and goes, I know I will get better and better through practice, and observing myself. I never would have thought that I would actually get excited whenever I see myself getting ready to go through what I call negative feelings and relishing how I can use them to my advantage! When I have the Masterkey Lessons, Blueprint Builder, The Greatest Salesman, Flashcards, DMP, my Affirmations, Masterminding with people in the Mastermind Alliance center along with masterminding with friends, all these are powerful tools that I have at my disposal. I am now becoming that technician.



2 thoughts on “WEEK 22: USING THE TOOLS

  1. From my military days, Hoo-Rah. (Gotta say it with a punch in each syllable.)
    Way to go Allen, transmuting the energies of that old blueprint into a new experience. Great noticing and self-observation!!!!

    Very happy with you for the turnaround on that situation.

    Also, this electrician’s toolkit in dealing with high-powered circuitry is an excellent analogy for what we’re learning in MKMMA. 🙂


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