masterkey experience week 14: The right thing

Wow, I don’t know why, but I find myself picking the last day of this year to write my blog. Did I make a conscious or unconscious choice to do this? Maybe later on it will become apparent why I made such decision. Well one thing I know for sure is that I’m happy to know that I know that I follow my on compass and not fall into that dreaded trap of making a New Years resolution most people make only to fail in a couple of weeks, months, reverting back to the old blueprint. This past week we were instructed to pick out a movie from numerous choices that were given to us. I chose the Big Lie. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie as I noticed how important it is to mastermind with other people unselfishly, seeing how love can be very powerful, and the art of giving no matter what happens in the end. Because a lie used with good intentions can used in a positive way, I thought that it’s truly a movie that I recommend one should see.

Now when it comes to doing the right thing, do we try to rationalize our behaviors and thoughts by believing or accepting a good lie from ourselves or the ideas and opinions of others? Do we take the time to find out the underlying facts and truths before we come to an intelligent decision? One observation that I have discovered about myself is me making conscious decisions not to use words like can’t, impossible, out of the question, failure, hopeless…….etc. All of these words and more that we use everyday I consider as good lies we tell ourselves. All are imagined and fear based. As go I through my index cards everyday and look at all the things I’ve done in my life, in every instance there were underlying things that I already possessed that made these positive events actually happen. Hey, I saw that I created them myself. Who said that I can’t be what I will to be? At these moments I was completely unaware that I had connected to Universal mind. I can actually go back and experience feelings like enthusiasm, confidence, belief, excitement and gratitude, happiness. The problem that I now see was that I gave life and a certain energy to something that possesses no vitality. I realize you get back nothing from nothing. My faith was displaced in believing in the good lie that these things only happen once in a while in a person’s life or worse, have no possibility of ever happening again, or the chance to create a new reality. I didn’t know exactly what it meant by starting a new life by the renewing of your mind. Now add the years of cement added on from negative experiences, listening to others ideas and opinions of others and a person can understand why we start to believe in that good lie which seemingly becomes almost insurmountable to overcome. You could stick a fork in me and see that I was almost done. Now, by freeing myself of that good lie that was mixed in with that good ole cement, the point of no return has come and gone and is being replaced with fantastic new things and events I’m experiencing and have yet to experience. HAPPY NEW YEAR……..oops, I meant Happy MAN/WOMAN new life ETERNALLY.

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3 thoughts on “masterkey experience week 14: The right thing

  1. Allen, your blog was fantastic and it made me see another side of the picture that I didn’t realize before. The problem you saw was that you gave life and a certain energy to something that possesses no vitality. You realize you get back nothing from nothing. Perhaps realizing that your old blue print was finally dead and your new way of thinking and your new blue print was what was valuable to you know. By starting a new life by the renewing of your mind and chipping the years of cement away that was caused by negative experiences, listening to others ideas and being sucked in by the good lie you almost felt it was insurmountable to overcome. But then you remembered all the great tools you have learned from the course and your new reality kicked in, making you see that you can be what you will to be and your new “you” will win out as long as you keep persevering and being faithful at doing the exercises each day. Keep applying what you’ve learned and watch miracles happen. Have the best new year ever-Happy 2022! From Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


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