masterkey experience week 13: staying vigilant

“Tis the season to be jolly…. and the time to be ever so vigilant staying focused on keeping the main thing the main thing. What is the “main thing” that I’m being vigilant about? Continuing creating a new blueprint and not digressing back to the old one. With Christmas and New Years occupying nearly 2 weeks, it can be so easy to relax and get derailed off the right track and unconsciously switch to that familiar track leading to the same things and circumstances we were desperately trying to escape. A little more alcohol, being engaged in opinions, talking about the past, annoying relatives conjuring up negative feelings of past experiences. Then there’s me picking up my mantle of truth and courage embarking on another 7 day mental challenge again at this time of the year? I was watching something on TV last night that kept me up until 3am. Our hero in the movie had seemingly vanished from from the face of the earth due to a plane crash with him and his wealthy parents on board when he was no more than 10yrs. old in. Saved by some monks in this inhospitable environment in some remote mountainous region, he returns 15yrs later. Upon his re-emergence he was transformed into this amazing individual with amazing martial arts skills, other worldly mystical powers, and a closer knowledge of the world within. Although he became a new man with a new life filled with a new purpose he was actually just starting his ever evolving journey of self discovery. MKE experience written all over this stuff. Now our assignment for next week was to watch a movie a dissect certain elements of the movie and relate them to what we’re learning. What got my attention was a part in the story where he talks about having no opinions because it blocks the path of clear thinking and being connected to what we called universal mind! He also mentioned true power comes from within. He also did his sits everyday, and stayed focused on his purpose everyday. I thought it was so uplifting. I see myself as seeing things others overlook. If I’m gonna watch something fictional or a real life documentary or event, it’s gotta have some sort of value or inspiration I can get out of it, or something so intriguing I can actually have a sit and focus on the thought that I had while watching it that will provide clues or answers to a particular situation I’m dealing with.

My biggest challenge this holiday season is not getting annoyed at these damm people ( I know they love me, and I love them also) interrupting my flow and momentum…ha..ha.. Thank God for the 7 day mental diet and my exercises which I tenaciously fight for to have the time and ability to stay on track. As John Wooden said, there’s nothing more satisfyingly than knowing that you’ve done your best. So the biggest present that I can give myself is continuing staying vigilant, and consciously being the watchman at the gate for my subby and future self. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE.

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2 thoughts on “masterkey experience week 13: staying vigilant

  1. Allen, your blog was so genuine about your feelings on the Holiday season and how you were in times past during this time. The great thing is to acknowledge that you are no longer the person that you were but that you are a new person because of your new blue print, you doing your sit each day, reading your scroll each day, and all the other exercises that keep you on check. Remember when you get tempted to slip a little just call your mastermind or guide for some encouragement and help. However, you have got this because you have persevered, practice the skills daily, and are determined to do the work and be more successful than you have ever been. Don’t forget to listen to your recording as that is a very helpful tool. Take care, have a wonderful Holiday and remember you can be what you will to be. Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine

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