Week 3 was a very busy week for me. On some occasions during the week I found time to relax and I thought about getting back to that commitment of getting better at growing everyday. I mean not consciously saying it, but doing it. Think about it. When we learn something new, at first it takes a certain amount of conscious thought, and then with consistency it becomes easier and easier to perform. It becomes a pleasure to perform and thus a new habit is formed. I never realized how much I accomplished until I slacked off. Everything started to materialize ( I’m a musician, and have some business opportunities coming to the forefront). All these things started happening I believe because I faithfully read my Blueprint builder,DMP, Og Mandino, Flash Cards, and much more. I think whats happening is my old blueprint is still trying to make a last stand like, well let’s say the 300 Spartans. My excuse was, “I’m so busy now, I don’t have the time to commit like I did before”. When I caught myself saying that, that’s when I knew I had to take this course again. Get back to the future me. It was through these moments of being engaged in what was starting to happen is when I needed to stay on track the most. Not being distracted by thoughts like, ” Is this really going to work this time, or ” is this going to happen when I said it was going to happen in my DMP?” Doubt and Anxiety quickly set in and thank God I saw what was happening and quickly put a stop to that. I was thinking, ” Oh boy, now I’ve got be consistent in reading Og 3 times a day….changing one of my PPN’s….. my sit…. etc.” I realized that I was looking at it like a chore instead of it being exciting. My old self was saying, “you’ve done that already. Now you’re going to do it again?” When I observed what I was thinking, I realized the need to be connected to the real me again. For me it’s like keeping the light bulb on all the time. I know the drill. Now it’s all about being consistent, persistent, and enjoy what I’m doing and stay all in all the time! 


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