As I am beginning to move at a faster pace. I’m beginning to really see what it means by having the sophomore jinx. Man last year I faithfully moved at a deliberate pace that paid off in big dividends The Sit, Blueprint Builder, DMP, Og Mandino, and many more great tools that this course has to offer. Wow, I’m realizing that my Old Blueprint is still trying to make a comeback. I’m happy to really make that observation. I’m realizing how important it is to STAY connected to the process until it becomes automatic for rest of my life. When I focus on last year’s accomplishment of completing the course I realize that doing is completely different from being that “NEW PERSON WITH A DIFFERENT LIFE”. That’s not to say that I have not benefited from last year because I have, immensely. With more growth comes an acute sense of doing and being more. I truly know what Hannel meant by saying that one of the hardest things to do is the mental work that it takes that most people are unwilling to do. It is definitely work, but the payoff is life changing. Now I’m saying all this at this point because I recognize that I still have unfinished business when it comes to saying hello to my “future self”. One of the things I will improve on is creating a mastermind alliance with this family. After completing this course I truly realize how important it is to be with like-minded people. I am really amazed at how people think and once I became a self-reliant thinker, sometimes it felt like I was standing alone, but that is the challenge that I face but because of that, new people and new circumstances have materialized in my life. Discovering the world within is the key. Another key that I see is that knowledge does not apply itself. Learning with an open mind is valuable. Doing the exercises and meeting the requirements of this course is of the utmost importance, but until it becomes your everyday life, all the work will be ineffective. FAITH AND BElIEF ARE CRITICAL COMPONENTS  that pave the way to the new person that we intend on becoming.


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