Week 18 has been a week of reflection and more discovery about me. For every positive discovery celebrated with joy and happiness, there is a negative aspect that’s discovered that needs to be eliminated. The biggest DIFFERENCE in how I handle a negative aspect is that I’ve learned to celebrate identifying something negative by letting it die and being happy at the forthright honestly to accept it.  With growth comes pain sometimes but I tell myself that it is the price I must pay now for success instead of paying the price of failure later. The new me that is evolving is not being accepted by some because that person looks like a stranger to them, although some people see the new me as a bright beacon of light. This was THE one fear that I constantly thought about before I took this course. But since that fear has been eliminated, I continue my climb into the unknown with a sense of adventure. Sometimes I struggle with accepting this thought, but then I look at it as an intriguing movie that I’m watching that has me glued to screen saying to myself, “I know that this individual is the star of the movie, so I know in the end he’ll come out of it being the victor. I just want to see how he’s going to do it”.

I never gave myself enough credit for things I did right. It was always me looking at all the things I did wrong. I was harder on myself than anyone else. I was always moving the Goal Post ( every achievement that I accomplished was never met with any type of satisfaction, or happiness). I hammered in this way of thinking for years. Now I could go on into giving you examples, but they would of course be too numerous to really write about as I am just explaining about a negative habit that I possessed. Then 2 crucial questions were presented to me 1 each week consecutively: What am I pretending not to know? What would the person I want to become Do next?  When the correct answer was revealed to us regarding the 1st question, the answer was, Aladdin’s Lamp. That it already exists in us: everything we have is first a thought: Thought is a wish: The perfect plan already exists. We just have to learn how to rub it the right way. I immediately started thinking about everything I said in my DMP, Press Release, Dream Board, even my previous blogs.  I reviewed each and every one and realized that I had (duh…) already started implementing the right thoughts, and that word called HAPPINESS was prevalent throughout everything that I wrote about. DID THE HARD WORK FOR 4 MONTHS and didn’t realize the impact that it was actually having on me! I KEPT MOVING THE GOAL POSTS! My belief was not as strong as it should have been, I was still carrying around stuff I needed to let go. It was then that I realized that when I’m happy, I’m at my best in anything I do. Being in compliance with the 7 laws of the mind and the Laws of nature, Love, are just some of the

critical components to the acquisition of the true power that we have access to already. I WASN’T GIVING MYSELF ENOUGH CREDIT for the new discoveries that I was encountering, the changes that were being made in my thinking and habits. Without realizing this fact, I probably would still have been mired in the continuance of my erroneous thinking (moving the goal posts).

After the realization of all these things that I have stated, the future me is becoming more recognizable. The second question: What would the person I want to become do next? Now I look at the future me as a powerful entity that exudes strength, courage, abundance, love, faith, belief, that will not tolerate mediocrity. No “woe is me syndrome”. As long as I’m grateful for each day, no matter if it was good or bad, I know eventually I WILL WIN. I always make it a habit of saying to myself, “I am Natures Greatest Miracle”. And that IS the TRUTH.

I love Nature because of all the Abundance that is seen in it. All the abundance that we are privy to, because we are part of it.



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