Week 17 has been a transitory week of thoughts and feelings. Giving myself permission to have access to power and happiness, letting the old me die and be reborn into the future me, and this question which is like coming up with the correct answer to the riddle that the Sphinx (Geek Mythology) asked its unfortunate contestants, “what am I pretending not to know?” I liken my experience up to now as the first 3 1/2 weeks as the regular season of any particular sport where teams position themselves to make the playoffs (all of the exercises and requirements). Now at this juncture of the course, it’s the playoffs. I couldn’t have gotten this far without being faithful to the exercises which I now look at as new habits, plus the tools that I learned to implement everyday to effect change. Each week that I complete is like a step further to the championship game. The closer I get, the more I feel is at stake. The crowd (the divine consciousness that is waiting to possess me) is frantically cheering me on to win this one game and continue my ascent to the championship round. Of course there’s some folks that are in the stands (my old self) who are not rooting for me, but their shouts are being drowned out by the folks that are rooting for me.

Great situation to be in. What’s at stake? I get to be the hero (the future me), take the trophy home and put it on my shelf and forever admire an accomplishment that nobody can take from me. The flip side to this scenario is the closer I get and because of the enormity of the moment I start getting out of myself and start to do things I normally wouldn’t do (wondering how and when this transition is going to take place). I forgot how to enjoy what I’m doing, to be thankful to have this opportunity, let the game come to me, relax, everything will work its way out because I know I’m the better opponent. “Why should the miracle which produced me end with my birth? Why can I not extend that miracle to my deeds of today?” I found out that in anything you embark on you can never force the issue. I cannot be like the child who plants a seed and every 15 minutes disturbs the soil to see if the plant has taken root and starts to grow. I’m a musician and network marketer, and I have noticed how I have embarked on learning something new, and how it never came to fruition by forcing the issue. If I let the thought flow through my mind, insight takes over and I accomplish what it was I was trying to accomplish.

I realize there’s nothing that I have to change, but just continue to get better at what I do and always have humility in my heart and celebrate every new discovery. The flash index cards, noticing different virtues, observing and documenting acts of kindness that I perform or witness, and enjoying doing it is of GREAT VALUE. I laugh at how I must look to some people sometimes. You remember the movie The Ten Commandments right? Picture me being Moses (Charlton Heston) coming down from the mountaintop after he encountered God and the expression he had on his face. I feel myself walking around with that look (ha,,ha,,ha).

There is plenty of uncertainty abound as I move forward, but I’m the star of this movie, and you know the star of the movie always comes out on top. I’m finding more people to Mastermind with. I never realized how much I missed doing this, because I used to do it all time a long time ago. I just didn’t realize that I was creating a Mastermind Alliance at the time. Transition. Practice, Practice, Practice.




  1. Pulling this one thought out to highlight it:

    “If I let the thought flow through my mind, insight takes over and I accomplish what it was I was trying to accomplish.”

    Powerful! Thank you Allen. 🙂


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