masterkey experience week1: back again

Whoopie, 🎵MASTERKEY, MASKERKEY, MASTERKEY, I’m a fan ,if MASTERKEY can’t do it nothing else can!🎵 Yeah I know I sound like a cheerleader, but it’s the truth. Each word “MASTERKEY’ represents the amount of times I’ve taken this course, with this year being the 3rd time around ( completed the course 2x before and this is my 3rd time around). One might wonder why I’m taking the course again for the 3rd time. Quite simply put, I like to use the analogy of being at the side of the pool and holding on to the side to learn how to swim. As you go through the first initial steps and gain confidence, you venture out a bit further and further each time learning and gaining confidence. All through the this challenging process and continual progress, you start noticing the pool getting bigger and bigger, even beyond an Olympic sized pool and eventually, an Ocean.

The 1st time I completed the course, I celebrated and quickly chalked it up as an accomplishment by completing what seemed like some sort of grueling gauntlet of hard work and finally then finally relaxing after the 26wks were done. Period. After a 2yr. hiatus, took the curse again having more freedom to venture out in the pool because of familiarity with the course. The big difference this time was staying engaged after the 26wks. BIG DIFFERENCE. The continuation classes that were offered to people who decided to become “lifers'” was a game changer for me. Those classes further made me feel like a special unique individual with special gifts to give away. Really started feeling like a “new man with a new life”. I’m coming into this year with an anticipation of great things really happening in my life because I chose to to be the version of my “future self”. Had to get this of my chest because my week 1 experience was filled with more enthusiasm than ever. The payoff for me going again gives me the advantage to start off with a momentum I’ve never experienced before. I realize that this is a lifelong adventure filled with surprises along the way. Sent in my DMP which I only revised with the same purpose I had in last years class. I’m hoping that folks that are taking that leap to become their true authentic self for the 1st time will take that leap of faith and believe that there’s a different world out there waiting from them to step into. ALWAYS DO I BATH MYSELF IN THE GOLDEN GLOW OF ENTHUSIASM😎

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9 thoughts on “masterkey experience week1: back again

  1. Welcome!!! – Each time you walk the Journey of the Master Key Experience, you are not the same man you were in the other journey’s. I loved how you used the analogy of the swimming pool and how each time you have taken the journey, you venture out further and further, thus discovering and experiencing more, more and more!!!


  2. Allen, Congratulations about your desire to take the course a 3rd time — wanting to stay engaged after the 26 weeks, wanting to be the future you, and filling yourself with more enthusiasm.. I also liked your analogy of the pool and how each year you were able to venture out farther and farther even farther than an Olympia size pool . With a dream of swimming eventually into the ocean. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


  3. Allen, the 3rd time is the charm. You are ready to jump into the deep side of the pool and start swimming. I enjoy reading your weekly blogs very much. Your blog rover friend John.


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