Well since the course has ended for this year, I find myself still moving onward by doing my sits, my 3 gratitude cards statement, reading OG, blueprint builder, and the 1st of 4 of the last chapters in the Masterkey Experience. Because I am a lifetime member, I’ve already printed out these lessons from past classes, so I kind of eased up a just a tiny bit this past week with being engaged in this continual process of ascending to my higher self. Too difficult for me to actually take a breather as all of these new habits have taken hold and are uncovering that golden glow that’s inside of me screaming to be free. It feels like I’d be preforming a sacrilegious act of non-compliance that makes me feel guilty by not staying in the rhythm of life. I so grateful to see myself gravitating to good habits and being an acute observer of my self continually. There’s a break in the action for about a month and then it’s on to the continuation class that will start up in May. Last year I was faced with a lot of personal challenges that prevented me at times from being fully engaged. But the one thing I am grateful about is my persistence in doing the best that I could to stay engaged in what I call the second part of this course.

The Continuation part of this course is what inspired me to take this course again this past year. It was at that point where I knew that there was plenty more to learn and understand. Yeah I could have listened to my Ego and felt good about actually being engaged for a full year, but I listened to my heart and found humility from within and did everything again with the Enthusiasm of a new member and not taking anything for granted. So the beat goes on for me as I happily embrace and wait for round 2 of this course which I know will be a mind blowing experience.



  1. Allen, your blog was amazing and so genuine with the importance of doing the exercises: the sit, reading the Master Keys, reading the Greatest Salesman, doing the three gratitude cards, blue print builder, your recording etc. I agree the more you continue these habits the more the cement gets removed and the gold shines through. The continuation course will be inspiring I am sure. Congratulations on your virtue of persistence and being determined to stay engaged. Also I’m thankful that you listen to your heart & not your ego. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I so enjoy your blogs. Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


    1. Wow Eulaine, I’m so grateful to see your interest in reading my blog even though the course over! It’s feels so good to see someone still being engaged after the course is over. I’m ever so humbly grateful.


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