🎵🎶I hear the music in air🎶🎵 I hear it everywhere🎵🎶. Sometimes the music becomes so deafening I hear nothing else. It becomes even louder in my sits, and in my dreams. It’s that Grammy winning hit song that I voted number one and others have heard or are hearing also. You’re probably wondering, “well who’s the artist? What’s the name of the song? What was the year this song won a Grammy? Well I’ll give you a clue. It’s been a hit for at least 4000yrs. or more. It’s not restricted to any one country, race, religion, or creed but it’s been a hit for anyone who has a heart, ears, eyes, and that mechanism we call a brain. Give up? The answer is…..the music of our soul. When we start to think on a higher plane, we start hearing the music everywhere. It’s that music no one else hears but the individual themselves. Each person has their own unique way of dancing to the music they hear. They’re the ones that have the courage, vision, faith, and belief, not to be inhibited by what others think of them because their dance is so different from others. They’re the ones that are continuously peeling the cement off them that family, institutions, society and friends pasted on them for years. They’re the Dreamers. They’re the Enthusiastic Adventurers who happily embrace the unknown, they’re the Salmon that swims upstream against the current with that one singular thought of reaching its goal to get to that fertile pond, or lake so they can reproduce and thus perpetuate their species. In Men and Women’s’ cases, it’s staying true to themselves and having that seemingly instinctive flair, or should I say that indefatigable drive to fulfill their true purpose in life and to be of service to others, continually perpetuating a beacon of light and hope for others to be that self-reliant thinker spawning a new wave of thought to our species . I believe that we go through levels of competency. The 1st beginning with the level of unconscious competency where we don’t know that we don’t know. Unfortunately most people stay at this level for the duration of their life span. Then for the ones who wish to ascend to a higher level of awareness, we approach the 2nd level where we arrive at a level of competent competency. This where we realize that there’s a bunch of stuff we don’t know about. This is where we are in that period of awareness, and start to notice and believe that nature has given us all the power and resources we need to enjoy life to it’s fullest, start living in the moment, discover what is real, and not real. We become aware of the genius in us and discover and learn how to acquire and use this magnificent Universal power that is inherent to us. We then acquire the faith, belief, knowledge, and persistence to start to hear the music everywhere and embrace the unknown seeing ourselves meet and greet our future selves while we’re in that period of transformation. This is the period that separates the men from the boys, the girls from the women. It’s that “to be or not to be” moment. It’s when we stop being that reluctant hero and see and believe in ourselves as being great and being that true hero. It’s that hero that is in all of us waiting to be released to show the world who we really are and the unique way we do and express our dance. As we THEN start to hear the music in the air; we start to hear it everywhere. We now reach that coveted 3rd level of competency which is the level of unconscious competency. We have created a symphonic crescendo of music and dance. All we hear is music in the air, music everywhere all the time. We hear the music of our soul loudly all the time. We’re successful in anything we want to accomplish, we experience true wealth in our health, relationships, finances, and look at all things in a positive manner all the time even when it seems like we shouldn’t be seeing things that way. We affect others by just being ourselves. Now, we experience no more ridicule from others about the way we dance because they’re now trying to find out how and where we got our dance from. 🎶🎵 I hear the music in the air🎵🎶. I hear it everywhere🎶🎵😇



  1. Super special, this blog. The music of our Soul! It’s amazing how this fits with Mark J’s notion to live your life so that your song is played loudly! And I think you’re setting the example on that, Allen. Thank you for sharing!!


  2. Allen, your blog really spoke to my soul and I really liked your definition of the music of our soul. When we start to think on a higher plane, we start hearing the music everywhere. It’s that music no one else hears but the individual themselves. I also liked your reminder of becoming aware of the genius in us and learning how to acquire and use this magnificent Universal power that is inherent to us. Thanks for sharing your inspiring thoughts. Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


    1. Thanks Eulaine for reading my Blog. I know that I probably sound like a broken record, but can’t stop expressing my gratitude from reading your feedback from reading my Blogs.


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