What if you were a person who possessed Courage, Decisiveness, Imagination, Self-Control, Disciple, Initiative, ENTHUSIASM, Persistence, KINDNESS, being Well Organized, having a Pleasing Personality, and Seeing God in Others, and being a self-reliant person and thinker? Also what if you had a map where you could see your destination in plain sight? And all you have to do is believe and do the work with full faith that your desire is already a done deal in the invisible spiritual world? And what if you possessed a level of unconscious competency in every task you perform make it seem sot effortlessly to manifest while to others make it seem like your always pulling a rabbit out your hat? Or be like Michael Jordan hitting three-pointers and then shrugging his shoulders as he ran back down the court as if to say, ” hey, I got the juice, it just happens”. That moment where everyone looks at each other in astonishment at what just happened. And now everyone wants to be like you or be around you hoping in some way that that magic you possess can trickle down to them from just being around you. You’ve learned how to communicate with others by knowing their color code and knowing how to approach them by speaking THEIR language. Your light shines so brightly because they see you as having a genuine interest in being of service to them and anyone else making them feel an inexplicable trust, and transparency they see in you thus getting them to serve you where everyone benefits from a any transaction they are involved in with you. You are the possessor of a Wealth that far exceeds anything financially. Well if you are fortunate enough to become a visionary and faithfully do the work in this course and apply the new knowledge that will constantly reveal itself everyday then you will be the possessor of having what others will see as an unfair advantage. We are a beacon of light to the world.



  1. Allen, your blog had a new zing to it . It was like you were reminiscing all the wonderful essential qualities that you have put into your life through taking the course again. How you’ve practiced the skills, watched yourself grow, and got to know the future you. How you’ve admired the new knowledge that constantly reveals itself everyday. You are definitely a beacon of light to your friends, family, and world. Thanks for sharing your light and wisdom. From your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


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