While attending last weeks’ webinar we were congratulated by Mark, Davene, and our fantastic staff on the progress we have made since that first class back in October of 2021. While they spoke, I reflected back on all the work and challenges of not only this year but the previous 2 years and my enthusiastic desire to learn more each year. I had thoughts of how it has impacted me and thought about all the new and creative thoughts and behaviors that I now possess knowing that I have access to that metaphorically speaking Aladdin’s Lamp which in essence is that beautiful mechanism, which is our mind or brain and if used correctly can accomplish anything we which to be or do. The exercises that we’ve been shown to do on a everyday basis have become habitual habits that are just as habitual as getting up in the morning and washing up, brushing our teeth, hair, eating breakfast, planning our day, dressing ourselves. Even though are plans might be thwarted sometimes we are not to be discouraged or derailed from keeping the main thing the main thing. What is the main thing I’m talking about? Discovering our true authentic selves and purpose in the life we have been graciously been given to experience.

I had experienced some interesting situations last week that seemed disastrous at the moment they happened. There was this one particular incident that occurred last week that could have produced a lot of anxiety and despair. Last week my virtue that I chose to observe was being Well Organized. I have to say that I nailed this virtue down to the wire. I had to go to my accountant to submit my W2 forms for my taxes. I carefully gathered all my documents with instructions enclosed inside that would make their job very easy when it came to doing my taxes. They were neatly enclosed in a small brown manila envelope with my name and address written on the envelope. I was actually kinda fatigued from the night before by taking the initiative to finish all my MKE work and then go to sleep. The next morning I enthusiastically got up did my sits and readings an promptly started out to submit my forms to my accountant. I took the bus and was happily riding to my destination and simultaneously trying to connect my earbuds to my phone via a Bluetooth connection. I started having problems making a connection. I had to get off that bus and transfer to another bus to finally get to my destination. As I waited for my bus, I was still fiddling with my phone and got distracted. When the bus arrived I got on the bus an rode for about 2 stops only to realize that I didn’t have my envelope. I got off the bus and tried to remember where I actually left it. I went back to the bus stop but the envelope was not there. Had all kind chaotic thoughts racing through my mind. Did I actually leave it on the bus or did someone take it off the seat at the bus stop and were they going to use the sensitive information for their own benefit? I just then remembered a certain sentence in my blueprint builder that said, ” I cause others to believe in me as I believe in them and in myself”. As I dejectedly came back home, I decided not to worry about it. I said to myself, ” well, at least I put my name and address on the envelope and just maybe… someone will perform an act of kindness and mail it back to me. I still believed that there were some good people out there that are kind and operate on a higher level of consciousness and being. Yesterday evening I looked in my mailbox and what was there? You guessed it, my envelope with all my info along with a letter from my fantastic hero who briefly explained how she noticed a package that was left on a seat at the bus stop. Once she opened the envelope and noticed how important the info inside was, she could only imagine how that person must feeling about losing it. I’m so grateful and humbled having experienced an act of kindness and that I still have enough belief, faith and trust in people. So, does this MKE stuff really work? For me it’s a smashing success. Today I get a chance to thank her. She left her address and phone number. Whoopie🎇👍!



  1. Allen, your blog this week was fantastic and a great example of how the tools you’ve learned and the skills you’ve practiced on really do work when life gives you unexpected challenges. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs as each blog has something in it that inspires me or is a good reminder. Thanks for being so open and for sharing your great thoughts. Your blog rover friend, Eulaine


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