Staying in and accepting the ebb and flow of life everyday can seem like a daunting task of observing how we think and behave. What actions do we cause by our thoughts that cause certain effects and learning from these circumstances whether they be good or bad.? How we can apply the Law of growth in certain situations that appear to be disastrous, but actually are for our on benefit that can be ‘ a blessings in disguise” if we can only stay in the flow of giving and receiving. Do we learn anything from these experiences that will shed a different light for us to discover about ourselves and how we can control our destinies through observing the causes and effects that lead to certain outcomes? Are we happy to discover certain truths about ourselves, or do we continue to spew out negative and self- loathing thoughts that we give life to that keep giving us the things we don’t want? Do we understand that it takes practice to achieve the desired results we really want when it comes to staying in the flow so we accomplish all of the beautiful things we desire to manifest in our DMP’S?

How do we react when things seem to go “sideways” when we’re faced with adversity and become vulnerable to all false statements with actually no truth behind them? As I am writing this blog, this is actually my second attempt. Just before this attempt, I was actually almost finished with my first attempt when all of the sudden, as if my computer had a mind of it’s own, it decided to shut down and restart in order to complete a crucial up-date. All my precious thoughts gone down the drain. Yeah, there was that moment where I thought negatively ” here we go again”. I thought this way because of the negative events that happened to me all through the week. Losing my house keys, losing important documents, making a decision not to go to a rehearsal because of certain principles that I stood by ( ignoring my deep desire to play, and performing hours of practices at home in anticipation of going to rehearsal. Ouch) and not to make any compromises with what I felt was the right decision and then this incident today. I asked myself “was I doing things that were not compliant to Universal Law, or on a lesser plane of thought from a whiner, why me?” The Last webinar I attended talked about the various color code that each person possesses from childhood. It explained our tendencies from a behavioral viewpoint. Where our strengths and weaknesses lie depending on what color we truly are. I’m a blue, so in stressful times I have a tendency to beat myself up with all sorts of negative criticism that actually keeps that self perpetuating act of pling on more cement continually gaining momentum flowing in the wrong direction on autopilot . I’m saying of this because I actually like these thoughts I’m writing down better than my first draft. Couldn’t come to this outcome without seizing the opportunity to use this moment to my advantage. I realize now that giving thought to everything in a positive manner whether it be good or bad keeps me in a positive flow of giving and receiving as well as attracting to myself the attributes, virtues, I wish to receive. Saying in the flow I think is A VITAL INGREDIENT when it comes to staying in the flow of Life. Faith, Belief, Practice, Practice, Practice, leaves others scratching their heads with a sense of astonishment and wonder at how we’re able to accomplish any task happily.

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  1. I’m with you. I’m also a Blue. I’m catching myself more quickly by the week after an negative emotional flare up. I say to myself. Nope. That’s not the thought response to entertain. It’s an exercise. Thank You soooo much for this precious post and your ongoing feedback, support and encouragement.


  2. Allen, your blog was very genuine and definitely from your heart. I agree with you on when things go sideways you being a blue have a tendency to beat yourself up with all sorts of negative criticism. I enjoyed your blog because I could identify with your experiences as I too am a blue and seem to handle things in a similar fashion. I also liked your thought of keeping things positive even if it might be a blessing in disguise. As you keep looking for the positive in every situation you are open to receiving the lesson you might have missed if your mind was focus on the negative. Thanks for your great thoughts. Your Blog Rover friend, eulaine


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