masterkey experience week 18: the spirit of a thing

“I’ve changed the way I see and think of myself. I’m an Enthusiastic Adventurer no longer seeking opinions and ideas from others”. This sentence is my opening statement from my DMP. The more I memorize it and make a conscious effort to think about it everyday, the more I understand the Spirit of the Thing I must manifest within me. Week 18 has been a chaotic week of highs and lows with each situation whether it being good or bad I am grateful to have experienced. It just seemed like everything I tried to do right morphed into a disaster….or it seemed that way on the surface. From being accused of being the “bull in the china shop” wreaking havoc and destroying drinking glasses at home (only later finding the “broken glasses” misplaced in the cabinet😁) to having rehearsals canceled, and having a blizzard in Queens New York this week, every event seemed liked an assault on my mental and emotional state. As I tenaciously fought to claim back my piece of mind I retreated back to my DMP, Blueprint builder, index cards, etc. They were all helpful tools that put me back on track so far as me keeping the pathways clear to receive insightful ideas, inspiration, and faith and belief as I traverse the landscape of the Hero’s Journey. I remembered the fact that knowledge does not apply itself. But it was when I remembered reading a passage in Lesson 17 of Hannel that talked about the Spirit of a thing is the thing itself. I then thought about a musician friend of mine a long time ago making a statement that said, “in music, there’s a rhythm inside the rhythm that also creates the rhythm itself. There’s always the ebb and flow of the Rhythm of Life each day. If we embrace the Spirit of a Thing, I believe we can deal with the ebb and flow of life by staying in the rhythm of life itself😁.

As I digress back to that opening statement of me being Enthusiastic Adventurer, I was hell bent on finding out what this “Spirit thing” was all about. As I glossed over my 5 virtues that I’ve observed already along with performing acts of kindness everyday, I had taken the time out to write out the definitions of what each virtue actually meant. I saw that being aware of them and applying each one and observing them in others is the Spirit of a the thing itself. It’s make me hold myself accountable for everything I do right and what I need to do better each day with confidence knowing that things will change. When I read the Guy the in Glass out aloud looking at myself at night, I smile and I understand the great service and honor that has been bestowed upon me to let my light shine and to be of service to my future self.

I see the Law of Growth being applied by experiencing weird sleep patterns because I’m always thinking about that next thing I should be doing, and what am I pretending not to know? By applying The Law of Practice, it is making me a great salesman to myself and being grateful for the rest of my life enjoying every minute of adventure, discovery, fulfillment and being of service to others.

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5 thoughts on “masterkey experience week 18: the spirit of a thing

  1. Allen, your blog is very nurturing and makes me more aware of what is possible when you put your mind to it in regards to change and following the Hero’s Journey.
    The one point that stuck me was: “There’s always the ebb and flow of the Rhythm of Life each day. If we embrace the Spirit of a Thing, I believe we can deal with the ebb and flow of life by staying in the rhythm of life itself😁”, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and being open to your feelings. Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


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