masterkey experience week 17 : virtues

Week 17 has given me the initiative to write down the definition of every virtue in the Franklin Makeover that we have been given the task to observe for the whole week for 3 months. I even decided to look up the definition of virtue. Virtue: moral excellence, goodness, righteousness. 2. effective force; power or potency. Even though I completed the course last year it was at this period of the course where I didn’t persistently go after this with the tenacity of a shark smelling blood in the water. Now what I really enjoy by being an observer of myself is being aware of any repeats of last year’s letdowns at crucial moments that I should’ve taken advantage of by recognizing critical watershed moments that if taken advantage of AND recognized (R2, A2) can be game changers for life. In my room that let’s say, my Fortress of Solitude, I have a sheet pinned to the wall right beside my computer that has printed on it the 17 Principles of Success. I had this SHEET on my wall for 2years. I’m looking at it but…no connection. You know, it’s like misplacing your car keys and looking all over the place and then deciding to look down and seeing them lying on the floor right in front of you. Yep, sure I read it. Sounded good, noble, and noteworthy. That was it. Nothing else gained from reading it Then for some reason this time at that this particular moment, I suddenly envisioned myself turning into a parrot reciting what I read without a clue of what these 17 principles really meant. If nothing else, I now realize that you don’t do anything unless you know why you’re doing it. A lot of times we search for things that are actually staring us right in the face. It was then that I heard this inner voice inside me saying, “knowledge does not apply itself”. It was this nagging thought that made me dig further down to the truth. With the infusion of Going the Extra Mile, Accurate Thinking, and last but not the least, ENTHUSIASM ( all principles of The 17 Principles of Success that stared me in the face for 2yrs.). Even though Enthusiasm is one of the virtues that we are to observe for one week, I haven’t gotten to that one yet. But I believe this virtue to be the “glue” that cements all of these virtues which are our powerful “friends and allies” of power and character that will cling to us eternally. When I go the extra mile by writing down the definitions of each virtue, thinking accurately of what that virtue means and “gluing” it all together with my guy Mr. Enthusiasm, I know that principles will always be eternal. I feel like someone who had a hypodermic needle filled with truth and self-confidence stuck into my blood stream giving me an immediate rush to my brain, sending out new peptides with new instructions for day, week, years. The amazing thing about this is I’m doing this with a happy knack. My virtue this week is Disciple. It can be seen everywhere in abundance. So if I’m seeing it, it’s already in me. It’s so cool to know for yourself that you are that self-reliant, successful person, that unique individual. I know that it’s already done in the world within. All I have to persistently do is the work and let subby do it’s thing pointing me to the right person, the right situation’ and the right time for it to manifest in the world without. True power from within, and not some symbol of power like a fancy house or car. The Franklin Make Over is the real deal. I’m hooked and lov’in it😎

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3 thoughts on “masterkey experience week 17 : virtues

  1. Allen, your blog was so tremendous and was full of great reminders of truth. For example this comment: ” Your weekly virtue can be seen everywhere in abundance. So if you are seeing it, it’s already in you. It’s so cool to know for yourself that you are that self-reliant, successful person, that unique individual.” It is so exciting to see how your thoughts are woven into a beautiful masterpiece. Thanks for being so open to share and let your light shine out to everyone who reads your blog or gets to talk with you. From Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine

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    1. I really appreciate how you point out certain things in my blog and how they are interpeted by other people and what impact it has on them. It makes me become more aware of the importance of carefully crafting words and sentences. Thanks so much for your input.


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