masterkey experience week 8: self control

Self Control was something I thought I had a handle on…..that is until this week. I found out that I needed to develop more of this virtue. This is something that I’m thankful to have observed. I believe that honesty is the best policy, and that the truth shall set you free. No TV for 7 consecutive days. Doing great with that one. No Opinions. Great with that also. Still got a challenge with the 7 DAY MENTAL DIET. I realized that the TV was a convenient form of distraction that served the old subby well in it’s attempts to keep things as they are mentally and emotionally. Now I’m forced into a corner to deal with my own thoughts in a positive way without any outside influence, so I don’t break the vow of completing the 7 day mental diet. 2 steps forward, 1 step back, but Success is immanent as long as I persist in completing this mission of the mind and heart. The one thing that I’m enjoying is all of the hidden discoveries that are surfacing and breaking that cement off I acquired through the years and exposing that golden glow of my inner self bit by bit. When, how and where did I miss that turn towards my future self? All 3 of these tasks ( NO OPNIONS, NO TV FOR 7 DAYS, 7 DAY MENTAL DIET) that seem like head bangers are ingeniously put together for the sole purpose of getting people focused on manifesting a Positive Bias mentality, accepting and loving challenges, focusing on things we want instead of things we don’t want, plus making a serious commitment to become more familiar with our future self, while constantly idealizing and visualizing our future environment, and lifestyle. I’m consciously on red alert until what I think and do become absorbed into my subconscious and become an habitual routine. Understanding why you’re DOING something and the rewards that follow are astounding and much to be grateful for.

I’ve stopped all thought of anything that is not constructive towards manifesting the realities of my DMP period. I meticulously made sure that my Press release mirrored pretty much what my DMP stated. As I read my Press Release, while I was sitting outside on a bench by the school yesterday, it seemed so real that I felt I was living that experience. After I finished, I was actually disorientated as to where I was, and what day it was. As I stood up, I felt woozy and had to gather myself and remember where I was! Totally awesome. Connecting the dots dot by dot is forming a new reality that is so real. By throwing myself all in with full faith and belief unconditionally, the journey becomes one of wonder and excitement each day at a time. The Law of Dual Thought, Substitution, Forgiveness, and Relaxation are all vital tools to rely on every day. This week has provided my the opportunity see how each works hand in hand. Self Control is one virtue that cannot be ignored. Without it, it’s just a word people know about but fail to realize it’s true significance. Put that together with Enthusiasm along with these 4 mental laws of the Universe and it becomes a mind blowing, self fulfilling experience.

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3 thoughts on “masterkey experience week 8: self control

  1. Allen, your blog was so inspiring and what you have learned in the last few weeks is incredible. I’m so proud of you and how you have pieced everything you’ve learned together. By applying the exercises, your mental diet, the 7 laws of he mind, the blue print, etc. you have caused the cement to begin falling off and you’re now able to see the gold in you. Wow! how exciting and it has only just begun. Keep up your diligence and your perseverance, which both of these traits are necessary to finish your journey. Why is enthusiasm so crucial in order to activate the 7 laws of the mind or the daily exercises? Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your weekly journey. From your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


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