No Opinions, 7 day mental diet, DMP. Week 7 has been like the “hump week ” of the course for me. Just like people like to call Wednesday at work hump day during a 5 day work week. I got shown a lesson on manifesting Poise & Patience. You know how people look forward to that mental point of demarcation when Wednesday arrives, and start looking forward to the final 2 days before the weekend enters and get a chance to “recharge” their minds and bodies for the next upcoming week. Well I confidently went into this week with that mindset of looking at this as pivotal point in the course where I would just “ace” this week and keep moving upwards and onwards. Oops, forgot how life is ever changing from day to day with a different set of circumstances and situations.

Well firstly, my DMP had to be revised again. Ok, my reaction to that was a positive one because this week I’m applying the 7 Day Mental Diet, so any negative thoughts about that would mean I’d have to start all over again. Plus understanding with each setback that I encounter, I get closer to successfully writing my DMP. ‘ Need that map so I can navigate successfully through turbulent and quiet times. I was doing well with not giving no opinions. So from last Sunday up to Tuesday of this week I’m OK. Tuesday afternoon is when I slipped up at the Supermarket. I confidently went in and got my shopping cart an started walking down the aisles just reciting my Blueprint builder. Hey, I’m thinking, ” I’m taking the initiative to do my exercises any anywhere”. I got to the Deli to order some cold cuts. I along with other people must have waited 15 minutes or more to get serviced. Nobody around. Just then, one of the people complained, and me being sympathetic to their complaints, blurted out an opinion with was followed with “damm, I shouldn’t have given an opinion.”. It was then that I realized that I should’ve exercised more Patience while I waited to get serviced and also exhibited a certain amount of Poise from within, keeping calm even though I knew I gave an Opinion. I was a bit ticked off for what seemed like to 2 days of wasted effort gone down the drain. I realized that I was so caught up in not making a mistake instead of having a mindset of thinking positive thoughts and enjoying every moment whether it was unpleasant or pleasant. I realized this moment as being a microcosm of how life can be every day no matter how big or small the situation might be. Poise and Patience does matter. I was was then able to laugh at how I reacted and realized that every thing I observe and hold myself accountable for only brings me closer my authentic self.

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  1. Allen, I enjoyed your blog and your humanness. Remember you have 7 seconds to think of a positive thought or a positive place without having to start over. Learning to laugh at yourself is a great stress reliever. Reciting your Blue print builder is a great way to focus on positive thoughts so that negative thoughts don’t try to creep in your mind. What are some other techniques that would help you focus on the positive instead of the negative as you are shopping or coming home from work? Know that you can do this, be patient with yourself, and be forgiving. Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


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