masterkey experience week 6: giving the best of my best

Well, week 6 has been a week filled with thoughtful insights that are chipping away at any vestiges of cement that are a still hidden in the recesses of my mind. Most of my actions are now governed by my intentions, and discernments. It is only now on my 3rd time taking this course am I seeing myself unraveling mysteries that I had no answer for. Just before writing this blog a thought came into my mind to read the Law of Compensation. As I was reading it, all of the sudden I felt my song writing skills coming back to me. I realized that I never lost them, but they were only buried under a ton of cement. The message of Giving and Receiving along with letting go of the things in the past that are of now use and undermine any attempts at moving forward. My intentions now are to leave no stone unturned, no crevice left uninspected, as this earnest or burning desire is consuming every fiber of my being. I don’t see this course as a mere class, but as a gift of love from Mark Davene, and all of the staff. An opportunity to a life of purpose, affluence, happiness and love are now in my grasp. No opinions….hmmm. All the previous times I carried this exercise out I looked it as just me not being engaged because hey, as an observer, I would be admitting that I’m a control nut. also. But the real hidden benefit here what I discovered is that I’m actually letting go of any attachment of anything that I really didn’t need AND free of worrying about any outcome of anything I willed myself to be. I let thast wash all over me…whew. I also felt a void that needed to be filled with something of value, henceforth…my DMP.

Well like most Thursday until this one, I would always get that email instructing me to revise my DMP. I didn’t get one. So I’m assuming that I’m good to go. Hooray🤸‍♀️. When I read it, I feel this intense swelling of emotions that I can’t describe other than pure joy. I know how difficult this task can seem, even though in past years my DMP’s were accepted. For some inexplicable reason this time is the best of the best. I feel like that team player being welcomed from the MIGHTY ALL to start receiving and using that omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient power with proper use, practice, courage, faith, and persistence and enjoying every minute of what I do. In other worlds, I got the map, the blueprint. I’m not sailing along like a rudderless ship. I realize writing down what you want correctly sets the invisible forces in motion. I have pinned on my wall the 17 Principles of Success that I got from reading Success through a Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill ( great book). I look at it every day. I’m having fun creating my Dream Board which will be completed shortly, and also my colors and shapes. As I’m doing them, I reflect back on the days when as a kid drawing dinosaurs on all my homework, and how my teacher complained to my mom who was a teacher herself, She immediately bought home construction paper from her school where she taught and on Saturday morning’s I would draw to my heart’s content. That’s what I’m feeling again, willing to give the best of my best. Failure no longer is my payment for struggle😎

brown and black butterfly flying above beautiful flowers

8 thoughts on “masterkey experience week 6: giving the best of my best

  1. This post is super inspiring to me for a number of reasons, Allen. Thank you for sharing all your insights, and especially for the wording “the best of my best.” A heartfelt congrats and thanks!


  2. Allen, Congratulations on all the new things that you’ve discovered this time around. Wow, I am so excited for you as you’ve only just begun unveiling your new self, the cement seems to be just falling off of you, and your brilliant light is so shining through. Thanks so much for sharing all your insights. What have you specifically discovered about your self this time that has open your heart to the “best of your best”? From Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine

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  3. Wow! You are meant to write. The time that it took for you to carefully select the words, and the expression you used to write this segment, should reveal a component of your passion inside. It’s exciting to be more of a participant than an observer. Congratulations for being aware.


  4. Great blogs Allen and love your images as well…
    Brilliant you have the 17 principles printed on the wall – Nice one!

    Really enjoyed your press release as well especially this paragraph –

    taking control of my destiny, learning how to think for myself , developing self-confidence and being happy again, I created a new beginning and a new reality filled with success, love, abundance and harmony. When I discovered my Dharma I soon started experiencing the kind of success I never imagined

    Looking forward to reading next weeks 🙂


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