masterkey experience week 5: thoughts

The week was a week of just reflective thinking about what I’m been reading and real time the everyday actions necessary to get a clear understanding of what I read and the true impact of seeing and believing the true nature of cause and effect. I compare it to watching a good movie 2 or 3 times and every time you watch it you observe something you didn’t notice before. I ask myself, “what did I do that was good and what can I do better”? We were instructed to give no opinions. I didn’t do as well I should have, but that’s going to change with more determination and consistency. I revised DMP, and this time I wrote it out but didn’t send it out until waiting a full day and reading it again, and again until I was satisfied. I was really forced to evaluate and focus on writing what I really wanted the most. This part of the class is so crucial because this is THE BLUEPRINT and Building Block to create a strong foundation in which those 40,000,000,000 synaptic go to work. I always feel so good about my obsession and persistence to become a new person with a new life and not just a better version of who I already am.

Are there obstacles at every turn. Yes there is, but I look at adversity and see me triumphantly winning, without whining and complaining. Adversity brings the best out of us. I read the Law of Compensation, The Greatest Salesman, book 1&2 ( I’m also engaged in more advanced training), followed by another sit and finally retiring to bed around 2:30 am.. Give more, get more. For everything we gain, we lose something. So I really see myself being the hero of my movie filled with adventure.


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