masterkey experience week 4: one day at a time

This week has been an ebb and flow of different different thoughts, circumstances, and feelings. Some days I’m cruising along absorbing what I would call a smooth day with everything working with pinpoint efficiency. I do my sit, my daily reading of The Greatest Salesman, Masterkey Lessons, reciting my blueprint builder, my index cards, and just thinking about the future me. Then there are the other days when nothing goes according to the plan I carefully mapped out for the day. I bought a new printer this week, and I felt so enthusiastic about acquiring it. I tried getting it up and running for 3 hours. I still didn’t get it done yet…. but wait minute, I got my DMP back and I have to revise it again! That bothered me more than my unsuccessful attempt to get the printer up and running. I didn’t get much accomplished that day.

That night as I tried to go sleep, I thought about everything that went wrong, and I started thinking about what else went wrong during the week. It was then that I noticed that something inside me that took over my thoughts and whisked them away from my mind. It was then that I realized that Subby had taken control. All of that practice…practice…practice paid off. I quietly fell asleep and woke up the next morning energized and ready for the upcoming events of the day. It feels so good to know that I’m connected to higher force. I felt the Law of growth happening that night. So now I take each day a day at a time knowing that for every thing that seems to be going the wrong way at the moment is actually a time for opportunity and discovery.

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