This week has been a week of staying consistent. Since this is my 3rd time around, what I’m observing about myself is my lack of attention to detail sometimes. By keeping a mental record of what I’m truly accomplishing each and every day, I’m quickly realizing what it truly means in Scroll 1 of the Greatest salesman about not allowing the brevity nor the simplicity the what each Scroll says. What I’m saying in essence is just because I finished 2x don’t mean a thing if I don’t stay consistent and pay attention to every little detail. By staying on point as the observer of myself, I believe you become the the Student and the Teacher..

Well in my case it makes sense. Hey, MKE has over-delivered when it comes to equipping me or anyone else the necessary tools to succeed. Now, I know that there is no excuse for not accepting responsibility for anything that I do or don’t do. I turned in another revision of my DMP and am awaiting the results. I realize life is all about constant change. What worked last year doesn’t work this year. I gotta say, there’s nothing else like this course. I know what the rewards yield by doing these seemingly “childlike ” exercise.. Using thought in a focused concentrated effort on a Definite Major Purpose is true power. I made a vow to be more attentive to every detail in the course especially through these first weeks. By not being “stressed out” by setting up a blog, finding my way through all of the tabs, on the homepage….this, that, .while dealing with everyday life. It’s a lot easier for me to stay focused on the main thing: ascending to my higher self. Heck, I’m more advanced than last year in my thinking, and with the rest of my life to keep going up, up ,up, and away with nothing holding me back but me.Did a lot of things change in my life since then? Sure have. I know that there are other folks besides me, and like me, who have completed last years’ course and joined again this year to go further like me. So emotionally, I feel some sort of connectiveness within this outstanding community. Well, I’m still a student in some ways just like the people who courageously took this course for the first time. I’m being reminded that my best is ALL I have to give😎

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  1. I am right there with you on aiming for consistency in the practice my 2nd year through the Master Key Experience, Allen! This time I’m finding ways to make it for the check ins through the day–sounds as though you are as well! All the best.


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