As the weeks pass by from my graduation, I’m finding myself immersed in my commencement phase of my fantastic heroes’ journey. Scroll 7 has been the chapter to read this month. The emphasis on this chapter is about laughing at the world and not taking myself too seriously. One of the things that is repeatedly stressed in Hannels’ Masterkey Lesson book is developing a consciousness of the true power that we really possess and having the ability to call upon these powers at a moments notice. Being an astute observer of myself is keeping the conscious part of my mind the “guardian of the gate” of my subconscious mind. Every time I complete everything I’m supposed to do for that day, I find myself celebrating as if I’ve just won the lottery🤸🏽‍♂️. I can’t tell you enough of how it feels to be consistent and give it my all everyday…

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  1. Allen, your blog #1 was amazing as your shared your journey with the MKE. It was so full of confidence, enthusiasm, and great observation of your growth. Congratulations on your continual journey. Great blog & thanks for sharing your feelings. Can you make sure that your title includes: MKE Week whatever it is, the date, and then your Title. This helps the blog rovers read the right blog. Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


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