This week I choose disciple as my virtue. This week has been filled with unexpected situations that I’ve had to deal with. My dearest had to be rushed to the hospital this Wednesday, and it’s been a nonstop roller coaster of highs and lows of emotions, that I really got a chance to observe this week. My opportunity to pick a day of complete silence got derailed, followed by not getting enough rest (whew). I’m happy to say that she’ll be okay. I had to take advantage of my silence in small increments. 2 hours here, 3 hours there. I’m hoping to at least put 1 full day in soon. The things that got me through this week by still being positive was what I would say where a combination of virtues that used to keep it all together for me. I observed that I exercised disciple by still staying on track with my new behavior habits ( daily exercises that I’ve been doing for almost 6 months.). I incorporated the Law of Dual Thought by attaching a positive feeling with anything that would come to mind thus curtailing any anxieties that would occasionally flash though my mind. I also used the other powerful tool: Law of Substitution. Made sure that my mind was not entertaining 2 thoughts at the same time. Became well organized, as I meticulously maintained everything at home better than I ever did. Still got up enthusiastically every morning doing my sits, readings, etc. Took the initiative to ratchet up my daily musical practices. Even though a lot of times I was exhausted, my persistence would not allow me to take time off. I found myself being decisive in with all the challenges that I endured this week. Even found the need to produce 3 gratitude cards daily along with some nice experiences during the week that I could reflect on. I can’t express enough how have these things helped and strengthened me throughout such a tumultuous week. I’d have been a chaotic nervous wreck without applying all my new found weapons or one might say tools. Despite all of things challenges that I experienced, I can still find myself being grateful for everything good or bad that happened this week. It’s good to know that I can be what I WILL to be. 😎

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6 thoughts on “WEEK 24: VIRTUES

  1. It’s a thrill to see your will in action, Allen! Hope your dearest is doing better. On the off chance, her trip to the hospital has anything to do with Covid-19, you need to take a serious look at the MATH+ protocol developed by the FLCCC. THE PRIMARY CONSTITUENT OF THIS PROTOCOL IS IVERMECTIN. Unlike the vaccines, which are killing people. Ivermectin is saving lives all over the world.


    1. I’m truly grateful for your concern. Her illness was not due to Covid 19. I’m happy to say that she is home and now I have taken on 2 new jobs: butler and nurse. Challenges, CHALLENGES. It’s all good though. Get a chance to grow some more 😀.


  2. OH MY GOODNESS…Allen, what a week you had! I’m SO glad she’s going to be all right. Thanks for the inspiration about how you managed better using these tools we’ve learned. Thanks so much for Master Minding with me!


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