As we go through life, we somehow go through some unpleasant experiences that just seem to crop up no matter how much we carefully plan. I ‘m finding out that although I’m an ardent follower and member of the MKE course, it doesn’t mean that every thing is going to go along swimmingly well in the world without. I experienced some financial turmoil which at this time I won’t get into, but what I really want to express is how important it is to becoming a live wire, and being aware that you are a live wire is of such importance. When I encountered this negative financial experience, I reacted at first like a person filled with despair, anger and frustration. As I fought through these negative feelings and thoughts that I entertained, I became the observer of myself and actually at this particular moment became a self directed thinker and started to sort things out with facts and discernment. I slowly realized this was a moment to take advantage of and experience growth. Baptism by fire! Thank goodness for scroll 5 of OG when it says,I waste not a moment mourning yesterday’s misfortunes, yesterdays defeats, yesterday’s aches of the heart, for why should I throw good after bad?” Well I have to admit, there was no miraculous turn around right then and there when this thought ping ponged in my head. I stayed up most of the night trying to eliminate the negative thoughts and feelings knowing that by doing that I could resume my beautiful positive mental attitude and stay focused on my journey. Talk about Clash of the Titans, this was it right here. The reality that I understood was that sometimes it can be an arduous task that takes mental and emotional effort to accomplish this feat of making something seemingly bad work for my benefit. Enter the Law of Practice. Since I’ve faithfully been doing the work every day, I had more than enough practice by correctly practicing everything to maintain a positive mental attitude and feeling good no matter what anything might seem at a particular moment and time. I had gotten past the red pencil syndrome of making sure I was compliant to the requirements of completing this university level course and patting myself on the back and actually cheating the guy in glass (my future self). I asked myself, What am I pretending not to know? I had to remember that I conquered the seven day mental diet. I’m still standing tall (Oops sorry Mark, it just came out that way, ha..ha..) I can’t have my cake and eat it too. Just reading about certain facts and truths and having this warm fuzzy feeling of contentment and discovering my newfound knowledge was not enough, It had to be put to test. I thought about this tootsie roll commercial that used to come on with the student asking the professor, ” how many licks does it take before you get to the middle of the tootsie roll?. As the professor started to lick, he discovered that to really find out, it would take effort and time before he would get to that middle part of candy and bite into the chocolate that was in the middle. So after 3 or 4 licks, he promptly bit the outer portion so he could quickly get to the middle. Hey there are no short cuts. I even found myself entertaining that so familiar woe is me thought, why is this happening to me/? I thought I was being compliant to natural Law. It was then I found myself uttering something that to some wouldn’t make any sense at all: I’m grateful to have this particular situation happen. Wow I actually get a chance to become a live wire! I saw what was really happening, because I looked at it from another perspective which most people might not have, I remembered in Scroll 2 of OG that says, “I welcome obstacles for they are my challenge“. I suddenly felt powerful with self confidence oozing all through me. I also remembered that life is filled with self discovery and unfoldment. Whoopie! Also in Scroll 5 it says, “Should I torment myself with problems that may never come to pass? No! tomorrow lies buried with yesterday, and I think of it no more”. So after that encounter, I said to myself, OMG I just passed a test. By the way, the virtue that I picked was Specialized Knowledge. I think from what I’ve talked about in this blog, this would give any one reading this an indication that I possess Specialized Knowledge from taking this course through the growth and knowledge that I’ve accumulated to become better than I am, also to reach that higher Spiritual entity that exists in all of us. I see it in my friends for they are also artists and musicians filled with ability, talent, and skill. I see it in the bus driver, the construction worker, the school teacher ( my mom was a Science and English teacher whom I saw it in), me as a technician who used to diagnose problems with furnaces, boilers, water heaters, also being a musician, and songwriter (am a member of BMI). Being aware of who I truly am and what my true purpose in life is what it’s all about, requiring me to always be a live wire supplying electricity to someone else.🤸🏽‍♂️😄🚀

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6 thoughts on “WEEK 22: THE LIVE WIRE AFFECT

  1. I think “Specialized Knowledge” goes hand-in-hand with our “One Thing,” our DMP; so good choice, Allen! Being a “Live Wire” is a way to have our lives catch fire! 🙂


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